Home News Lion dance, bazaar, and sea of ​​flowers make New Year’s Eve a popular choice for “Understanding the New Year in Guangzhou”

Lion dance, bazaar, and sea of ​​flowers make New Year’s Eve a popular choice for “Understanding the New Year in Guangzhou”

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Lion dance, bazaar, and sea of ​​flowers make New Year’s Eve a popular choice for “Understanding the New Year in Guangzhou”

Lion dance, bazaar, and sea of ​​flowers make New Year’s Eve a popular choice for “Understanding the New Year in Guangzhou”

Photo courtesy of Guangzhou Sunac Paradise’s launch of the New Year’s Lion Dance event

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liu Xingtong and correspondent Sui Wenguang Lvxuan reported: The Spring Festival holiday has just started, and rural tourism destinations in Guangzhou are experiencing a boom in travel. Going to the countryside has become a popular choice for people to “understand the year of Guangzhou”.

During the Spring Festival this year, Guangzhou launched a number of rural tourism experiences such as visiting ecological flower seas, staying in characteristic homestays, eating pastoral delicacies, and appreciating intangible cultural heritage. There are rich and colorful rural activities in various places, showing the new vitality of Guangzhou’s rural culture and the strong Lingnan countryside. Year taste.

“Dong dong dong, dong dong gong…” On the first day of the Spring Festival, the ancient town of Shawan, Panyu, which was decorated with lanterns and festoons, was full of tourists. The vigorous lion stepped on the drum to climb the plum pile, sometimes jumping, sometimes rolling, and his superb skills won tourists. bursts of applause.

During the Spring Festival this year, the family went out to watch the lively lion dance performance and visit the traditional intangible cultural heritage market, which became the “standard” way for citizens and tourists to celebrate the new year. Guangzhou Rongchuang Paradise launched the Lion King Flying Pile to celebrate the New Year, and there is also a folk market to visit. In addition to experiencing fun amusement facilities, many family tourists taste special delicacies at the traditional folk market, Guanguangfu paper-cutting, shadow puppetry, etc. Folklore activities, or handwritten prayer cards are hung in the Spring Festival Wishing Square. Many parents said that Guangzhou’s rural folk intangible cultural heritage activities are rich, which not only restores the original ecology of the New Year, but also allows children to learn more about traditional culture.

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During the festival, Baomo Garden in Panyu held the Lingnan Lion Awakening Folk Culture Festival in the Spring Festival, Tianren Shanshui in Conghua launched the Lion Awakening experience to celebrate the New Year, and Tianhou Palace in Nansha held activities such as the New Year Bazaar, bringing traditional and trendy activities to citizens and tourists. “New Year’s Eve in the Countryside” experience.

During the Chinese New Year in the Flower City, flowers are flying everywhere, and the peach pink and cherry red are more delicate.

During the Spring Festival, both Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area and Lianhua Mountain Scenic Area ushered in the peach blossom season. Peach blossoms have become the popular protagonists of the flower viewing season, and the Baiyun Mountain Peach Blossom Cultural Festival is a hot topic in rural flower viewing.

In Conghua Tianshi Cherry Blossom Park, red, white, and pink cherry blossoms are blooming one after another. Yellow wind chimes, safflower wind chimes, rapeseed flowers, cosmoses, snapdragons and other flowers are colorful and colorful, making it a popular spot for tourists to linger.

The 100-acre rapeseed flower in Shimen National Forest Park stretches along the Tianchi Lake, and the full “Golden Sea” attracts a large number of photography enthusiasts. Due to the early Chinese New Year this year, the Spring Festival is still in the plum blossom viewing period. Guangzhou’s “Xiangxue” blooms on the banks of the Liuxi River. More than 100,000 plum trees are in full bloom in the Liuxihe National Forest Park.

The reporter learned that during the Spring Festival, major rural scenic spots in Guangzhou launched cultural tourism value-for-money packages and ticket discounts to benefit the neighbors. Chimelong Tourist Resort opened a special offer for Chinese New Year tickets, Forest Sea Tourist Resort launched a two-person buffet dinner and hot spring water park package, Sunac Cultural Tourism City Sports World launched a limited-time special student ticket, Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, Lianhua Mountain Tourist Area, Liuxihe National Forest Park, Shimen National Forest Park, South China National Botanical Garden and other scenic spots can enjoy a 20% discount on tickets.

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