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Lithuania is once again closing two border crossings with Belarus

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Lithuania has again temporarily closed two border crossings with neighboring Belarus for safety reasons. As a result, only two of the six crossings on the 680 kilometer long border between the two countries will be open from Friday.

Source: BELGA

Yesterday at 07:49

The government now also decided to close the checkpoints at Lavoriskes and Raigardas until further notice. The purpose of the border closures is to better control the flows of goods, transport and people across the border and to nip smuggling attempts in the bud.

The government in Vilnius had already closed the Sumskas and Tverecius border crossings in the summer of 2023. This means that now only the checkpoints of Medininkai and Salcininkai will remain open, where pedestrians and cyclists can no longer cross the border. Passengers are also no longer allowed to board and disembark at railway checkpoints in Kena and Kybartai, where through trains traveling between Russia and Russia’s Kaliningrad via Lithuania stop.

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