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Little Alice is the first born of the year in Treviso

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Little Alice is the first born of the year in Treviso

Alice Labbrozzi is the first born of the year. She waited 58 minutes after midnight to come into the world to make mom Sonia, dad Luca and little brother Lorenzo happy, who is waiting for her in their home in San Trovaso in Preganziol.

Alice was born after a labor of several hours, with spontaneous delivery and at the time of birth weighed 3 kilos and 260 grams, she has pink cheeks, she looks around curiously and looks for her mother because she is so hungry.

«We arrived at the hospital on the morning of the 31st because it seemed there could be complications with the possibility of having to induce the birth» says Luca excited «instead everything worked out for the best and labor began yesterday evening.

Alice chose the right moment to be born». As they talk about the birth of their baby, Sonia and Luca hold each other in a sweet and relaxed embrace, satisfied after the fatigue of childbirth «Alice started eating right away, she clung to me naturally, everything was perfect» she adds his mom « and then he slept all night. She was very good.”

Like all newborn babies, Alice will spend a few more days in the obstetrics department and then she will go home to meet her four and a half year old brother who is eager to meet and cuddle her. And on the possibility of having another child in the pipeline, Sonia and Luca respond in unison «We’re lucky, we have a boy and a girl, so we feel complete».

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Five more babies were born in the morning «a departure with a bang, but here we are used to these numbers» says the head of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Treviso Enrico Busato

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