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Livestock farmer found dead in rural area of ​​Monterrey – news

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Livestock farmer found dead in rural area of ​​Monterrey – news

What started as a hobby for a housewife became a business that today forms part of the income of an entire family.

For 3 years, Eidy Jiménez struggled to learn how to create jewelry with beads at home, but she did not have the necessary tools and her learning was delayed too much, she says: “I recharged data on my cell phone to be able to see images or videos but they used up too much. quickly so I couldn’t see the complete tutorials and the truth is the jewelry didn’t look so pretty, it was difficult for me to learn at that pace and I couldn’t recharge my cell phone all the time. Until then it was something I did as a hobby because I couldn’t do anything bigger without the necessary resources.”

However, the path of this entrepreneurial woman was illuminated after discovering the Digital Point of Monterrey, Casanare, thanks to the recommendation of a friend from the municipality.

“I told a friend that I was a little sad because I couldn’t see the complete tutorials to finish my work and she told me that here in the municipality there is the Digital Point, I didn’t know about it, but I went and it helped me a lot. There we have printing, computers, Internet and they collaborated with me a lot.” – Eidy says with joy.

After managing to connect and watch tutorials on the Internet with ease, Eidy’s entrepreneurship took a more serious direction, she managed to participate in her first fair: the “Colombia Agrobusiness Fair 2022” and realized that people loved her work because so he decided to continue with it.

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Although the pandemic dealt a great blow to the Colombian economy; This critical situation forced Colombia to move towards strengthening digital processes and reiterate the importance of connectivity. This has allowed housewives like Eidy Jiménez to start businesses from their homes or municipalities. According to the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, 32.8% of commercial microenterprises and 24.9% of service microenterprises actively use websites as a sales channel in Colombia.

Women are making a great leap towards the labor market, according to the report “Entrepreneurial activity in Colombia 2022 – 2023: On the road to reactivation” from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Colombia research project, gender propensity in early entrepreneurial activity ( TEA) for 2022 was 26.1% in women and 30.1% in men. Women like Eidy, dedicated to taking care of the home, have decided to start a digital business in order to take care of their children: “My business has allowed me to help my husband with our household expenses and to be able to share with my children, Christofer and Jerónimo, they They are the reason for the name of my business C&J Accesories (@cyjaccesoriosoficial on Instagram), they have also become interested in this manual work and now they accompany me to Punto Digital to see jewelry tutorials.” – Expressed Eidy Jiménez.

Eidy Jiménez’s venture has managed to obtain great recognition in her region, which has allowed her to participate in different events such as the Rice Festival, the Casanare regional festival, the International Festival of the Bandola Llanera in Maní, Casanare and the Colombian Agrobusiness Fair in Monterrey, Casanare.

Between 2021 and 2022, the Municipal Mayor of Monterrey hired Eidy to provide training to the inhabitants of the municipality on jewelry: “After participating in my first fair, I realized how important it was to have social networks, a brand, even a banner and a workplace. I decided to go to Punto Digital and learned how to use Canva (graphic design website with free and intuitive resources), there I created my brand. Even though I have a lot of things to do between ordering and taking care of my children, I learned how to create content for my social networks. Now I have cards, I even designed packaging with my brand and had the banner printed that accompanies me to all events. I also have my own workshop” – Eidy says with enthusiasm.

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This entrepreneurial woman has managed to fulfill her dreams thanks to her perseverance and the support she found at the Monterrey Digital Point, Casanare, which has been in the municipality since August 2016 thanks to the National High Speed ​​Connectivity Project (PNCAV), an initiative of the Ministry of ICT operated by AndiRed that seeks to close digital gaps in the regions of Orinoquía, the Chocó Pacific and the Amazon.

“The PNCAV has managed to strengthen education, communication and entrepreneurship processes in the most remote areas of the country with a presence in 11 departments of the Amazon, Orinoquía and Pacific Choco regions and has 6 beneficiaries, Digital Points, Digital Points Plus, Digital Kiosks , Public Institutions, Wifi Zones and Internet connection in homes. At AndiRed we work as a team every day so that we have a more connected country. We are proud to read every month the success stories sent to us from different municipalities because we know the importance of the Internet in our society and we are doing a great job together. with the ICT Ministry so that people in the region have the same connectivity opportunities that people in the capital have” – Assured Henry Zambrano, General Manager of AndiRed.

The National High Speed ​​Connectivity Project continues to give us wonderful stories such as the success story of Eidy Jiménez, who together with 6 other entrepreneurial women organized the Second Departmental Congress for Women Leaving a Trace, this congress is sponsored by “Smith”, a businessman from the municipality. He competed in the Entrepreneurship Fund and won, so he decided to contribute his money to female entrepreneurship because according to him, his business would not be fruitful without all the women who have supported him.

In Colombia there are many entrepreneurial women who have benefited from technology to empower themselves and create companies that represent significant income in their homes. Learning to use technology in favor of entrepreneurship and housewives is to build a country committed to businesses and women.

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Source: AndiRed, operator of the National High Speed ​​Connectivity Project of the Ministry of ICT

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