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The fourteenth edition of the Lo Spiraglio Filmfestival of mental health ended in Rome, with notable public participation. Directed by Federico Russo for the scientific part and by Franco Montini for the artistic part and organized by ROMA CAPITAL and the Mental Health Department of ASL Roma 1 in collaboration with MAXXI – National Museum of XXI Century Arts, the festival, one hundred years after birth of Franco Basaglia, has confirmed itself as an unmissable event to understand, think and get to know the world of mental health in depth. The person and not the disease are at the center of the event, as are the themes of the twenty-three films presented. Two films out of competition, including a full version of “E tu slegalo”, by Maurizio Sciarra, dedicated to the hundredth birthday of Franco Basaglia, and an absolute preview of Lo Spiraglio, a short film produced by the festival. And then four films that competed for the SAMIFO award and eight feature films and as many shorts evaluated by a double jury of critics, experts, users and operators. In the Focus on mental health in prison, some films were chosen last April 3rd to open the event in the Regina Coeli prison: “Independence from gaming” by Benedetto Alessandro Sanfilippo and “Kvara”. A story of love and football by Raffaele Iardino and Mario Leombruno were presented to the inmates. The Special Prize “Lo Spiraglio Fondazione Roma Solidale Onlus 2024” went to Matteo Garrone. The maximum turnout for Felicit�, the first work by Micaela Ramazzotti, who recounted in a debate dedicated to dysfunctional families the drama of children affected by the failures of their parents. The “Premio Luciano De Feo” Award was awarded to “Saved by fish. Stories from the women’s section of Rebibbia� by Stefano Corso. The “Fausto Antonucci” Award of 1,000 euros for the best short film went to “Wings” by Fivos Imellos: with the pace of a thriller, rhythmic dialogues and an ever-moving camera, Wings draws you into the plot before even starting to talk about mental health . It is only after allowing the spectator to fully identify with the story that it is possible to discover what it means to live in the condition of the protagonists. Special mention for “Miranda�s Mind” by Maddalena Crespi, for how the director narrated the subtle border between reality and imagination, condensing through a story through images of great refinement all the disruptive force of a creative mind in search of itself . The “Jorge Garcia Badaracco – Maria Elisa Mitre Foundation” Award of 1,000 euros for the best feature film was awarded to Anna by Marco Amenta, for the way in which she was able to describe a particular mental condition with the tools of modern cinema, avoiding the portrait of condition of the protagonist as a disadvantage but reversing it in the story of an out of the ordinary determination for a universal cause. The SAMIFO Prize of 1,000 euros assigned by a dedicated jury decreed that the film that best depicted the aspects linked to transculturality and the vulnerability of migrant people was Transcendence: A Journey of Hope and Healing by Jane C. Wagner and Tina by Feliciantonio. Transcendence was able to portray the trauma of four people who suffered torture and were able to escape from their countries of origin, to finally be cared for in the Bellevue center in New York and after years of psychiatric treatment they are essential voices in the fight against torture and abuse : they are the voices of Souleymane from Chad, Kalsang from Tibet, Kadijatu from Sierra Leona and Donrodge from Jamaica. Special mention for “My name is Aseman” by Ali Asgari and Gianluca Mangiasciutti, as it effectively draws the viewer’s attention to the daily life of migrants, and among them the victims of torture between dynamics of acceptance and rejection.

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