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Lombardy: opposition advisers resign from the Anti-Mafia Commission against President Monica Forte

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Lombardy: opposition advisers resign from the Anti-Mafia Commission against President Monica Forte

MILAN. The motion of censure against Romano La Russa (rejected yesterday by the majority of the classroom at the Pirellone) brings with it new political consequences. Resignation by the opposition councilors from the Special Anti-Mafia Commission of the Lombardy Regional Council. The first to announce it were the exponents of the Democratic Party Gian Antonio Girelli and Angelo Orsenigo. The gesture explains: “it wants to signal the discomfort towards the personalistic management of the commission by its president, Monica Forte of the mixed group, an expression of the minorities with which it has long since cut ties, up to the blatant distancing, yesterday in Council, on the motion of censure to the councilor La Russa ».

That of Monica Forte, former M5s, was yesterday the only vote of abstention in the motion (registered Pd but signed by all the opposition in the council) which asked for the removal of the appointment for the new councilor for security Romano La Russa after the images of a video that portrayed him with his arm raised during the funeral of the historic right-wing exponent (and brother of his wife) Alberto Stabilini. During the discussion in the classroom Monica Forte had in fact explained that she would abstain from voting because: “I do not understand this continuous rise in the level of the clash, in the absence of a concrete danger of the return of fascism and at a time when the country needs balance », finally defining the motion as« instrumental ». The councilors of the Democratic Party believe that «the Anti-Mafia commission must be managed in a collegial way, so that the fight against the mafias sees a single front even in the political differences, and with a guide entrusted to the opposition, as a greater guarantee of independence. The anti-mafia commission cannot and must not be the personal showcase and the useless outline of a presidency that takes on itself, and only on itself, the representation of values ​​and initiatives against the mafia ”. The Five Star Movement is also aligned with the decision of the Democratic Party “We have been thinking about this opportunity for some time – explains M5s councilor Ferdinando Alberti, the only member of the M5s to be part of the Commission – By regulation you can remain as President but it is practice that guides you special commissions are given to minorities and she has not been an expression of them for months. Yesterday’s is only the drop that broke the camel’s back ».

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The resignation also comes from the councilor of + Europe, Michele Usuelli, with a motivation that differs from those of the other opposition councilors but which then comes to the same protest action: “For months I have considered President Forte politically unsuitable to hold the office of president of the anti-mafia commission starting from his prohibitionist beliefs on the government of drugs, which we learned from an interview with a newspaper – he explains – We were amazed, given that the cannabis market alone is worth 7 billion euros a year in Italy ” . Replies from other members of the Commission were not long in coming. For example, the former councilor of the M5s and today the Mixed Group, Luigi Piccirillo, specifies: «We must be ashamed of these antics. They are not serious because they are not asking for resignations on content. Monica Forte has never made the commission and its officials work so hard. These armchair games for the mafia do nothing but a favor ». Viviana Beccalossi, president of the Mixed Group in the Regional Council, also criticizes: «The behavior of the Democratic Party towards Monica Forte is scandalous. In practice, they boycott her role as head of the Anti-Mafia commission for the sole fault of having reasoned with their own heads on the occasion of the motion of censure on Romano La Russa. An act bordering on political bullying ». Roberto Anelli, group leader of the Lega al Pirellone, defends Forte: «she was judged and condemned within a few hours for having expressed an opinion different from the flock. For those who still had some doubts, today it is understood who the real fascists are, those who do not tolerate free democratic debate ».

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