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Look at the curtains early and look at the lights at night. “Judicial Administrators” work daily-Chinanews.com

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“Judicial administration follows the party, not forgetting the original intention for the people”. Photo courtesy of the Central Propaganda Department at the meeting of Chinese and foreign journalists

China News Service, Beijing, September 15 (Xie Yanbing) The Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a meeting with Chinese and foreign reporters on the 15th on “Judicial administration follow the party and do not forget the original intention for the people”. Five outstanding “judicial administrators” introduced them. The daily work of the company contributes to the construction of the rule of law in China and the protection of social fairness and justice.

Peace of “Legislatives”: Legislative work is closely related to thousands of households

Many people are not familiar with legislation and feel that it is far from daily life. An Ning, deputy director of the Legislative Second Bureau of the Ministry of Justice, said at the meeting that in fact, legislative work is closely related to thousands of households.

An Ning spends most of her time doing economic legislation work. “Every piece of legislation is closely related to the “ledgers” of enterprises and the “pockets” of the people.” For example, the “Regulations on the Protection of Payments for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” that resolve arrears to small and medium-sized enterprises, and the “Government” which manages how the government spends money. Investment Regulations, the Deposit Insurance Regulations to prevent financial risks, and the Anti-Monopoly Law that is being revised.

“Like everyone now uses express delivery every day, but before the 2009 postal law amendment, non-post express delivery companies had no legal status.” An Ning said that during the legislative process, this opinion was reflected and resolved through the amendment procedure. The legal nature of these enterprises, after that, the rapid development of express delivery.

In 2017, Anning and her colleagues then drafted the interim regulations on express delivery. In order to better understand the actual situation, they specially sent legislators to the express company to conduct research and study together with the courier staff to have meals and deliver packages. “A courier company told us that the law has changed us from a’black express’ to a’dark horse’ in the market. We believe in the law from the bottom of our hearts.”

Anning participated in the drafting of more than 20 important laws and administrative regulations. In actual work, he realized that legislation is to accurately transform the will of the party and the people into rules that the whole society follows, and explain clearly and clearly what the state protects, punishes, restricts, and supports.

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Mo Gege, who “speaks about legal persons”: preaching laws and regulations in a “talk show” mode with illness

Mo Gege is a cadre of the Yi nationality from the Justice Bureau of Jinkouhe District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province. She has been engaged in the front-line work of judicial administration for more than 20 years. She is now a lecturer at the “Heart to Heart· Pigeon Lecture Hall” in Jinkouhe District. Regiment leader.

In 2016, Mo Gege was diagnosed with liver cancer and underwent partial resection. At the beginning of 2018, after the operation, Mo Gege went to three or four villages every day and gave 3 speeches every morning, midnight and evening.

Mo Ge Ge said that we can talk about whatever you want to hear. “We elaborately prepared a plan, compiled policy theories, laws and regulations into 6 categories and 44 topics, with content including gratitude, inspiration, rule of law, policies, habits, changing customs, and other related content, providing the people with a’menu-style’ service.”

“We require all preachers to use the’talk show’ method, not to take the manuscripts, and to use the easy-to-understand method of’placing the dragon’, to vividly combine the profound truth and the professional legal provisions, lively and cordially. Get up,” she said.

In less than two years, the “Heart to Heart · Pigeon and Pigeon Lecture Hall” preached more than 400 sessions, and Mo Gege personally gave 128 presentations. “I think as long as life is still there, I will continue to spread the story of the rule of law and protect the good life of the masses.”

“Legal Aid” Zhang Yi: Aided Tibet in 4 years and recovered nearly 7 million economic losses

Zhang Yi, born in the 1970s, is a lawyer in Tianjin Yiqing (Beijing) Law Firm. This year is the seventh year of his voluntary service as a lawyer. He has assisted Inner Mongolia for two years and Tibet for four years. Facing the problem of insufficient lawyer resources in my country’s border areas, Zhang Yi chose to go to the border areas to provide the people with the most needed legal services. Zhang Yi said, I think that people should have a sense of no hesitation throughout their lives, and they should do things that are worth remembering when they pass away.

During the four years of aid to Tibet, Zhang Yi traveled all over the four urban areas of Ngari, Xigaze, Lhasa, and Shannan in Tibet. He handled 284 legal aid cases of various types and recovered nearly 7 million yuan in economic losses for the aid recipients.

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In Ali, with an average altitude of more than 4,500 meters, Zhang Yi suffered severe altitude sickness. He ate instant noodles and inhaled oxygen to do mediation work. What impressed Zhang Yi the most was in September 2017, during his service in Shigatse City, he provided legal assistance to herdsmen’s families in Latse County.

A herder in Lazi County died of a work-related injury in Ngari. The family and the employer failed to reach an agreement on compensation. Zhang Yi went from Lazi to Ali to provide legal assistance to the family of the deceased.

At an altitude of 5,211 meters, more than 1,200 kilometers, more than 20 hours of fatigue. When he arrived at the site of the Ali incident, Zhang Yi immediately devoted himself to the mediation work. After a day and a half, he finally obtained more than 700,000 compensation for the parties.

Because of her outstanding performance, Zhang Yi was successively awarded as a lawyer with outstanding contribution to legal aid by the Tibet Department of Justice, and awarded as an advanced individual by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in safeguarding the rights and interests of women and children. He believes that these honors not only belong to him, but also to those lawyers who also volunteer in legal aid services in the west.

“I want to keep going along this path, so that every citizen and every aid recipient can feel fairness and justice in every judicial case.”

“Mediator” Tan Xiuyun: “Look at the curtains early and watch the lights at night” to do things for the masses

Tan Xiuyun, director of the Judicial Office on West Chang’an Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, said that mediation is one of the functions of the grassroots judicial office, and dealing with residents is also a compulsory course for me.

Tan Xiuyun said that she mediated a family real estate dispute between seven siblings last year. Since three of them are not in Beijing, mediation is difficult. “So we have established a WeChat group, and mediators use the “5+2″white+black” method to enter the home for many times to mediate, and help persuade from the perspective of the big family.”

Finally, the persistence of the mediator impressed the seven brothers and sisters. After five months of mediation, they all signed the mediation statement. “One of the eldest sisters held me in tears at the time. She said that our family could finally have a meal together. I was very excited at the time. Only by treating the people’s affairs as our own and comparing our hearts to our hearts can we achieve mutual understanding.”

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Tan Xiuyun introduced that the West Chang’an Street Judicial Office is responsible for 14 work functions such as the rule of law propaganda, people’s mediation, administration according to law, administrative litigation, and community corrections. “As the director of a judicial office, he must be careful, considerate, and warm-hearted with’watching the curtains early and watching the lights late’, and give full play to the various functions of the grassroots judicial office, and strive to do practical things for the masses and solve problems.”

“Reconsideration person” Pang Lei: Engaged in administrative reconsideration for 20 years, filling the gaps in regulatory documents

Pang Lei, Director of the Reconsideration and Responding Comprehensive Division of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice, comes from the administrative reconsideration front in the capital and has been engaged in administrative reconsideration work for nearly 20 years.

Speaking of the importance of administrative reconsideration, Pang Lei explained at the meeting that administrative reconsideration is an important relief method for resolving administrative disputes of “people suing officials”, and an important legal system parallel to administrative litigation. It is fair, efficient, and convenient for the people. The advantage of the system is the main channel for resolving administrative disputes, and it is also an important starting point for comprehensively advancing administration according to law and building a government under the rule of law.

Pang Lei said that his daily work is to carefully sort out cases, review cases in accordance with the law, and make administrative reconsideration decisions in accordance with the law.

What impressed Pang Lei most was that through the handling of administrative reconsideration cases, he discovered “blanks” and “contradictions” in the policies and regulatory documents on which the administrative actions were based. “After discovering the problem, we made an administrative reconsideration decision and issued an administrative reconsideration opinion letter, which not only corrected the illegal administrative behavior in a timely and effective manner, but also gave full play to the important role of’handling one case and regulating one piece’.”

Pang Lei said that he directly handles or directs hundreds of administrative reconsideration cases every year. “In the process of handling cases, my colleagues and I resolved a large number of administrative disputes. Many of them were difficult and complicated cases involving urban construction, urban management, economic fields, and people’s livelihood.”

Pang Lei believes that with the advancement of the reform of the administrative reconsideration system, the administrative reconsideration work has entered the fast lane of development. (over)

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