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Lost lioness in Berlin? Police warn residents of predator – News

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Lost lioness in Berlin?  Police warn residents of predator – News

Animal seen twice by police officers

It was said at the press conference that witnesses found out about the wild animal around midnight. They would have recorded a video. The situation described is considered credible, the police said at the press conference at noon. During the night, after receiving the video, the animal was seen twice by police officers.

However, no evidence of blood or feces of a wild animal was found at the location of the video. Reports that a wild boar had been killed by the lioness were not confirmed by the police at the press conference. It was not certain that other animals had been torn. Pictures have appeared on Twitter that are said to show the animal they are looking for.

Possible sighting in Zehlendorf in the south of Berlin

On Thursday afternoon, the police also announced that there had been a possible sighting of the animal in southern Berlin near the Brandenburg city limits. The Berlin veterinary office and the city hunter were informed, it said. It was later added that the wild animal could be in the Berlin district of Zehlendorf.

“The area was searched. There were no indications or traces that the animal was actually there,” the police later said on Twitter. The clues would have referred to the area of ​​the forest cemetery.

Authorities advise caution

The police previously assumed that the animal was in the Teltow, Kleinmachnow and Stahnsdorf areas. The warning from the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance also includes the south of Berlin, such as Steglitz, Marienfelde and Neukölln. The Federal Office recommends not letting pets outside and informing yourself about the course of the search operation in the media.

We advise you to refrain from staying in forest areas and to seek shelter immediately if you see wild animals and to inform the police via the emergency call. Police Berlin on Twitter

The municipality of Kleinmachnow announced that the daycare centers were open, but the children were not allowed to go out into the garden. The town hall will also remain open. The traders at the market were advised not to set up any stands.

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From fear to serenity: This is how the residents react

The local people deal with the situation very differently, reports reporter Silke Mehring on WDR. A local resident was so scared that she had herself picked up from there. Another woman said: “Oh, the lioness has already killed a wild boar – then she’s fed up and sleeps for a day.”

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