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Lottery Draw is dedicated to Migration and Aliens – 102nine Digital Newspaper of El Salvador territory of young adults

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The draw for this Wednesday, July 12, was dedicated to Migration and Immigration to highlight the work they do daily in our country.

The event began with the words of Fernando López, commercial manager of the National Charity Lottery who expressed.

“Today is a very happy Wednesday, with which we celebrate the remarkable work carried out by Migration and Immigration and as a Lottery we recognize the fundamental role that this institution plays in protecting our borders and strengthening our international relations.”

Among the tasks carried out by this institution is: the control of entry and exit of nationals and foreigners through our borders, guaranteeing the security and order of the flow of people through an efficient immigration control system. Your work in the issuance of travel documents, so that Salvadorans can travel abroad with the greatest peace of mind, as well as the authorization of the legal entry of foreigners to our country is vital, granting migratory qualities, regulating and documenting their stay in our country.

Another of the important activities carried out by Migration and Immigration is the support it provides to returnees, giving them comprehensive care for their reintegration into the country after living abroad, offering them social, legal and health services, an act of humanity and solidarity. that defines us as a country.

“As part of this citizen care work, they have a high commitment to detecting crimes of trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, which thanks to their work it is possible to prevent, investigate and combat, contributing to public safety and development. of our society. Their dedication, courage and determination in fulfilling their responsibilities deserve our greatest respect. Thanks to their hard work, El Salvador has become a benchmark in migration management and has managed to protect the rights and dignity of thousands of people,” López added.

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And as a tribute to all his work in this ovation, thousands of tickets circulated with a representative image of Migration and Immigration, for this raffle that brought great prizes, including the third grand prize of $10,000, the second grand prize of $20,000 and the most anticipated… the grand first prize pool of $1,035,000. This giveaway offers over 12,000 chances to win.

The Lottery thanked all its customers who place their trust each week by purchasing the LOTRA, LOTÍN and DALE products; since with their contribution, they make the “Together We Make Charity” program a reality, which every day benefits many more Salvadorans.

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