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Lottery Italy 2022 prizes: extraction of the winning tickets, prizes ranging from 20 thousand euros to 5 million

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All the tickets of the Lottery Italy 2021 draw during the «Soliti Ignoti» of January 6, 2022, with Amadeus. First prize of 5 million euros

The prizes of the Lottery Italy 2021 were drawn in the night between 6 and 7 January 2022. Here all the prizes

Here is the list of the top five prizes.

  1. 5 million euros per ticket T018060 sold in Rome
  2. 2.5 million euros per ticket P297147 sold in Formigine, Modena
  3. 2 million euros per ticket E263508 sold in Magliano Sabina, Rieti
  4. 1.5 million euros per ticket N330633 sold to a local distributor in Rome
  5. 1 million euros per ticket D137599 sold in Trapani

Here are the prizes of 100 thousand euros:

  • P038135 sold in Rome
  • B000019 sold in Rome
  • F314613 sold in Rome
  • F211673 sold in Velletri (Rome)
  • N234317 sold in Taranto
  • Q323494 sold in Faicchio (Benevento)
  • D469659 sold in Commessaggio (Mantua)
  • S267678 sold in Pomezia (Rome)
  • C144953 sold in L’Aquila
  • A300460 sold in Formicola (Caserta)

Here are the winning tickets of the 20 thousand euro prizes:

  • A057680 sold in CHIETI
  • O035868 sold to ANDRIA-BT
  • C193376 sold to GIFFONI VALLE PIANA-SA
  • A338425 sold to CASALECCHIO DI RENO-BO
  • O007303 sold in ROME
  • F330680 sold in LUCCA
  • B304728 sold to FIORENZUOLA D’ARDA-PC
  • F136548 sold to PIETRAVAIRANO-CE
  • C000190 sold in ROME
  • C439100 sold to BARRAFRANCA-EN
  • B044085 sold to TEANO-CE
  • O356727 sold to NOCERA SUPERIORE-SA
  • D485178 sold to PORTO RECANATI-MC
  • E161487 sold to NUORO-NU
  • B348872 sold to FABRO-TR
  • C476274 sold in MILAN
  • D484056 sold to MANDELLO DEL LARIO-LC
  • B028149 sold in FIESOLE-FI
  • C049533 sold in ROME
  • C081817 sold to CAMPOFILONE -FM
  • C147864 sold to ERCOLANO-NA
  • P125567 sold in MIRANO-VE
  • R154132 sold to CIVITELLA VAL DI CHIANA-AR
  • E205190 sold to POGGIOFIORITO-CH
  • E396952 sold in ROME
  • P186759 sold in FLORENCE
  • F148910 sold in VICENZA
  • D352722 sold in MILAN
  • A335039 sold ONLINE
  • P274234 sold to SEREGNO-MB
  • N031791 sold in ROME
  • B193001 sold in ANCONA
  • A019679 sold in ROME
  • D069734 sold to BRENTINO BELLUNO-VR
  • A373260 sold to SESTOLA-MO
  • N031992 sold in MILAN
  • B201329 sold to TEULADA-SU
  • F256909 sold to TARQUINIA-VT
  • B260236 sold to BOTRICELLO-CZ
  • T147997 sold to AYAS-AO
  • C485433 sold to SETTIMO TORINESE-TO
  • P056997 sold in ROME
  • P274337 sold to ARONA-NO
  • R245661 sold to TOSCOLANO MADERNO-BS
  • S352627 sold in BERGAMO
  • D136144 sold in MILAN
  • Q225220 sold in UDINE
  • P469261 sold to AREZZO
  • P255815 sold to ATRIPALDA-AV
  • C410576 sold to SAN PROSPERO-MO
  • S066233 sold in MILAN
  • Q145570 sold to BRIGNANO GERA D’ADDA-BG
  • P080262 sold in CUSANO MILANINO-MI
  • A311978 sold in MILAN
  • A441287 sold to POLIGNANO A MARE-BA
  • R009740 sold in ROME
  • C215965 sold to ASCOLI PICENO
  • P163875 sold to CROTONE
  • P083314 sold in ROME
  • A332207 sold to SAN HOPE-SU
  • R364190 sold in NAPLES
  • P268024 sold to BRUSCIANO
  • Q471212 sold to CALTANISSETTA-CL
  • R452224 sold to CENTALLO-CN
  • S496863 sold in LONATO DEL GARDA-BS
  • D321835 sold to MONTERONI DI LECCE-LE
  • B085411 sold in SAN GIOVANNI VALDARNO-AR
  • E258993 sold in NAPLES
  • N121113 sold in BARI
  • Q184364 sold to breaking latest news
  • Q027049 sold to CASTROCIELO-FR
  • Q370343 sold to CAGLIARI
  • C178362 sold to PAVIA
  • O114236 sold to CANICATTI-AG
  • Q115115 sold to COLONNELLA-TE
  • D029646 sold in ROME
  • N348895 sold to MAGLIANO SABINA-RI
  • B401016 sold in TURIN
  • Q140601 sold to ADRANO-CT
  • C308926 sold to BRICHERASIO-TO
  • AA040966 sold ONLINE
  • N035122 sold to CERIGNOLA-FG
  • F460057 sold to LUCERA-FG
  • C291573 sold in COSENZA
  • N471209 sold in CREMONA
  • T216823 sold in MILAN
  • Q381819 sold to CAMPIGLIA MARITTIMA-LI
  • Q456244 sold to NOVATE MILANESE-MI
  • R003495 sold in ROME
  • O493942 sold in SAN MAURO TORINESE-TO
  • N182324 sold to ACIREALE-CT
  • R180870 sold to CARLENTINI-SR
  • P089674 sold in ROME
  • N494754 sold to PIEVE FISSIRAGA-LO
  • R422337 sold to SACILE-PN
  • B370828 sold to SERMIDE-MN
  • E231216 sold to ZUGLIANO-VI
  • B238496 sold to MONOPOLI-BA
  • B411099 sold in SALERNO
  • N163397 sold in ROME
  • O179035 sold in GENOA
  • N393755 sold to SETTIMO TORINESE-TO
  • D195823 sold in PIANO DI SORRENTO-NA
  • T345026 sold in LECCO
  • E062730 sold to FERMO-FM
  • B022143 sold to FIUMICINO-RM
  • C042255 sold in VERONA
  • D330614 sold to MAGLIANO SABINA-RI
  • P067130 sold in BORGO A MOZZANO-LU
  • F299794 sold in BOLOGNA
  • D138399 sold to CLUSONE-BG
  • D132910 sold in MILAN
  • A037864 sold to CORLEONE-PA
  • A291503 sold to FASANO-BR
  • B281653 sold in VENICE
  • D240737 sold in ROME
  • E295567 sold in DESENZANO DEL GARDA-BS
  • O476567 sold to CORSICO-MI
  • A284409 sold to breaking latest news
  • N108882 sold to BENEVENTO
  • N035763 sold in TORINO DI SANGRO-CH
  • T269844 sold in NAPLES
  • P158017 sold in MILAN
  • F295137 sold to CASSANO MAGNAGO-VA
  • N282545 sold to SOAVE-VR
  • D118463 sold in GROSSETO
  • R164955 sold to CASTROCIELO-FR
  • T415698 sold in TREZZO SULL ADDA-MI
  • Q074963 sold to AREZZO
  • A310389 sold to BITONTO-BA
  • O348186 sold to FERNO-VA
  • N253057 sold to BATTIPAGLIA-SA
  • S288776 sold to VETRALLA-VT
  • N030133 sold in MODENA-MO
  • T372443 sold to CASORIA-NA
  • D389310 sold to CODOGNO-LO
  • D232097 sold to FERRARA
  • D383942 sold to SERRAMANNA-SU
  • C088985 sold to ASSAGO-MI
  • S366164 sold to PIANEZZA -TO
  • D480096 sold in MILAN
  • C431098 sold in MILAN
  • N228593 sold to CATANIA
  • R458791 sold to CASTROCIELO-FR
  • T241316 sold to SABAUDIA-LT
  • Q063177 sold to SESTO SAN GIOVANNI-MI

This year the Lottery had already awarded several prizes: from 11 October to 10 December, in fact, a prize worth 10 thousand euros a day was distributed; from 20 to 24 December a prize of 20 thousand euros was distributed per day.

The complete list:

Prizes of 10 thousand euros

  • AA010534, code 8604962146, sold ONLINE
  • D009471, code 6869204092, sold in ROME
  • C111862, code 3429529237, sold in MAGLIE (LE)
  • A107296, code 3795572837, sold in REGGIO CALABRIA
  • A169489, code 9226501382, sold in SPOLETO (PG)
  • C003730, code 2316891167, sold in MILAN
  • AA242432, code 6162068278, sold ONLINE
  • E233496, code 8406213285, sold in MONTECHIARUGOLO (PR)
  • AA313108, code 4729667626, sold ONLINE
  • F216032, code 4916319596, sold to ALESSANDRIA
  • D165083, code 6034695711, sold to CIRIE ‘(TO)
  • C143857, code 2838948896, sold in BARI
  • D218741, code 2264235497, sold in RIGNANO FLAMINIO (RM)
  • A234160, code 8188675562, sold in BITONTO (BA)
  • B195292, code 6543258342, sold in TURIN
  • D246122, code 2965045193, sold to SASSARI
  • D128537, code 8238423563, sold to POTENZA
  • E133762, code 7285872546, sold in BRESCIA
  • F211438, code 4581093495, sold to COGLIATE (MB)
  • E245020, code 8183128756, sold in TOCCO DA CASAURIA (PE)
  • C274460, code 6440935866, sold in POMEZIA (RM)
  • F159064, code 8443621143, sold in TURIN
  • D002486, code 4382559741, sold in ROME
  • F256748, code 2399136227, sold in TREVIGLIO (BG)
  • C255277, code 4702871315, sold in NAPLES
  • D286697, code 4075703922, sold in FLORENCE
  • D139759, code 8407441907, sold in MODICA (RG)
  • C135752, code 8536787166, sold in PIETRA LIGURE (SV)
  • C377545, code 5539717337, sold in PITIGLIANO (GR)
  • D235263, code 8563069342, sold in MILAN
  • C221422, code 7608564422, sold in MILAN
  • D180571, code 7782657543, sold in CATANIA
  • D385183, code 6766254583, sold in SAN GIOVANNI IN MARIGNANO (RN)
  • B230759, code 2845249227, sold in TORRE ANNUNZIATA (NA)
  • F242979, code 2597637254, sold in GRUGLIASCO (TO)
  • E001421, code 2860489936, sold in ROME
  • C249741, code 6841382298, sold in STRADELLA (PV)
  • B391642, code 1235701698, sold in POLLENA TROCCHIA (NA)
  • D270625, code 4712239604, sold in GALLICANO NEL LAZIO (RM)
  • F187438, code 4201715586, sold in TODI (PG)
  • F043361, code 6398098661, sold in MAGLIANO DE ‘MARSI (AQ)
  • F426270, code 8852424123, sold to ABANO TERME (PD)
  • B111865, code 8967124126, sold to GAETA (LT)
  • B164113, code 8829376443, sold in SASSUOLO (MO)
  • E181576, code 6072965563, sold in CUGLIERI (OR)
  • E399610, code 8308758474, sold in RIMINI
  • B124635, code 2744086238, sold in RIANO (RM)
  • F331438, code 2931905343, sold in GALLICANO NEL LAZIO (RM)
  • D169646, code 2213471842, sold in CAMPOBASSO
  • C122981, code 7296513498, sold in TRIUGGIO (MB) C159803, code 5289844541, sold in RUSSI (RA)
  • C149693, code 6626271093, sold in VERONA
  • E374705, code 8995747814, sold in GALLICANO NEL LAZIO (RM)
  • A208382, code 6791368919, sold in MILAN
  • C459784, code 6048180752, sold in SENIGALLIA (AN)
  • F458248, code 8097765877, sold in NAPLES
  • E200178, code 6079230212, sold in MONTEROTONDO (RM)
  • B042217, code 2483293701, sold in ROME
  • A049120, code 3583861958, sold in SAN NICOLA LA STRADA (CE)
  • B281757, code 2641013386, sold in PERUGIA
  • D334624, code 4726846377, sold in VADENA (BZ)

Premiums of 20 thousand euros

  • E003546, code 5630861218, sold in ROME
  • N380068, code 8344751339, sold to AFFI (VR)
  • Q009390, code 8328974404, sold in TORTORETO (TE)
  • A405316, code 6585298733, sold in GAGLIANICO (BI)
  • E089421, code 8848865225, sold in MIGLIANICO (CH)

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