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Love the people and warm China in the spring——General Secretary Xi Jinping is with the masses during the Spring Festival

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Love the people and warm China in the spring——General Secretary Xi Jinping is with the masses during the Spring Festival

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 20th Topic: Love the people and warm China in the spring – General Secretary Xi Jinping is with the masses during the Spring Festival

Xinhua News Agency reporter

“My heart is always connected with everyone and the hearts of the people of all ethnic groups in the country!” On the eve of the Guimao Spring Festival, General Secretary Xi Jinping took a video connection to visit grassroots cadres and masses in six places across the country. The cordial care and deep hope are spread to all directions, warming the sons and daughters of all ethnic groups.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, every year on the eve of the Lunar New Year, General Secretary Xi Jinping will always be with the masses of the people, chatting about family affairs, asking about their health, and sending blessings.

Braving the severe cold of minus 30 degrees Celsius, he climbed over a mountain ridge at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, traveled through different provinces, autonomous regions, and cities, and traveled more than 20,000 kilometers round-trip. Where the heart is tied, where the action is. “What I am most concerned about is the people in need. How do they eat and live, and whether they can have a good New Year and a good Spring Festival.”

Love the people and warm China in spring. Let us follow the general secretary’s concerned eyes, experience the original intention and warmth of “people first”, and feel the sincere feelings of the masses for the people’s leaders.

[Shot 1: Gansu in 2013]

The land of Longyuan is freezing cold. From February 2 to 5, 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Jiuquan, Dingxi, Linxia, ​​Lanzhou and other places. Development, improvement of work style and other research and investigation.

Stepping on the flying loess, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Yuangudui Village, Weiyuan County, Dingxi City, at an altitude of more than 2,400 meters. At the home of Ma Gang, an old party member, the general secretary sat on the kang and chatted about homework. When he saw the water tank in the house, he even scooped up a scoop to taste the water quality…

【return visit】

The Lunar New Year in 2023 is approaching, and the square of Yuangudui Village is crowded with people. The rehearsal of the “Taste of Earth Spring Festival Gala” on the stage is in full swing, and the laughter of the villagers is endless.

Ten years ago, the Yuangudui Village that General Secretary Xi Jinping saw had only one muddy ditch that could not be transported with muddy feet and special products. The masses have difficulty in drinking water, the incidence of poverty in the village is 57%, and the per capita disposable income is more than 1,400 yuan.

“There were still some old stains on the water scoop, and the general secretary drank the water without hesitation.” In that year, Ma Gang’s grandson, Ma Hailong, a college student who returned home from vacation, shared the scenes of the general secretary chatting at his home, It was engraved in his heart, “The general secretary is really concerned about whether we can drink safe water, and he has us ordinary people in his heart.”

Today, the clear water of the Tao River flows into households in Yuangudui Village, and Ma Hailong’s poles and buckets have all been laid off. The roads of the village group are all hardened, and there are all kinds of primary schools, clinics, and nursing homes.

On January 10, at the village square of Yuangudui Village, Weiyuan County, Dingxi City, Gansu Province, the masses rehearsed the “Taste of Earth Spring Festival Gala”.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Fan Peishen

In the past, “Lannigou” is now “Peach Blossom Spring”. Driven by the party branch, Yuangudui Village has been going all the way up and has become a national key village for rural tourism. Traditional industries such as planting and processing of Chinese herbal medicines and aquaculture are booming, new business forms such as cultural tourism and e-commerce have begun to take shape, and the road to development is getting wider and wider. In 2022, the per capita disposable income of the whole village will reach 14,000 yuan.

“Since 2013, most of the newly recruited party members are ‘post-80s’, and it has become a fashion among young people in the village to actively move closer to the party organization.” Dong Jianxin, secretary of the village party branch, said.

After graduation, Ma Hailong was admitted as a special post teacher, assigned to Weiyuan County No. 2 Middle School, and later joined the party with honor.

Every time he goes home to celebrate the New Year, Ma Hailong will stop at the entrance of the village. There, it is written General Secretary Xi Jinping’s message to the villagers: “Let’s work hard together to make life more and more prosperous.”

[Shot 2: Beijing in 2013]

On February 8, 2013, the day before New Year’s Eve, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the construction site of the Beijing subway, the police station, the sanitation station, and the rental passenger company to visit and condolences to the front-line workers who stick to their posts, and to work on all fronts that stick to their posts during the festival Greetings for the holidays.

On the construction site of Beijing Metro Line 8, the general secretary walked into the temporary home of Fan Yong, a reinforcement worker, and asked with concern: “How long have you been here?” “Is the job stable?” “How is the income?” “How is the living condition at home?” like?” The general secretary told Fan Yong’s family: “It’s not easy to come here, let’s see the scenic spots in Beijing and have a good reunion.”

Seeing Fan Yong’s 6-year-old daughter, the general secretary gave her a pink schoolbag, leaned over, held her cheek, and smiled at each other.

【return visit】

The windows of the newly built two-story building are bright and clean, and her daughter’s books are neatly placed…Fan Yong, who returned to his hometown in Henan ahead of the New Year, couldn’t help sighing: “As long as we work hard, migrant workers can create a happy life!”

“Migrant workers are a new type of labor force that has emerged since the reform and opening up, and are an important force in building the country. The whole society must care about and care for migrant workers.” Recalling the kind words of the General Secretary ten years ago, Fan Yong was still too excited to speak.

The general secretary’s encouragement has always inspired Fan Yong. In 2014, he was promoted to the construction captain and led a team of dozens of people to participate in the construction of Beijing-Shenyang High-speed Railway, Wuhan Metro, Xuzhou Metro and other projects. The hard work of going all over the world not only broadened his horizons, but also doubled his income.

Fan Yong’s daughter, Xiao Jingjing, is 16 years old this year. She told reporters that she has been reluctant to use the schoolbag that Grandpa Xi gave her back then, but she has read the two sets of children’s books in the schoolbag many times. “Every time I look at it, I will recall Grandpa Xi’s amiable smile.”

After the Spring Festival this year, Fan Yong will return to work and continue to contribute to the construction of urban rail transit in Beijing.

“I am proud of my father’s participation in urban construction, and I hope that I can also become a useful person to the country and society.” Xiao Jingjing said.

[Shot 3: Inner Mongolia in 2014]

In the middle of winter, the prairie of Inner Mongolia is covered with snow. From January 26 to 28, 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Xing’an League, Xilin Gol League, Hohhot and other places, went deep into forest farms, pastures, enterprises, herdsmen, and communities for investigation and investigation, and sent cadres and masses of all ethnic groups to the Party Central Committee. Caring and caring.

In the Hohhot Children’s Welfare Institute, General Secretary Xi Jinping encouraged the deaf-mute girl Wang Yani to study hard and succeed in her studies. Wang Yani bent her thumb to General Secretary Xi Jinping and expressed “thank you” in dumb words. The general secretary stretched out his hand to follow with a smile on his face: “Extending your thumb means ‘yes’, and bending your thumb means ‘thank you’.” Warmth and love filled the small room.

【return visit】

The winter sun shines into the house through the red window grilles. Wang Yani, a teacher at the Hohhot Special Education School, is carefully arranging her teaching notes. On her desk is a photo of her communicating with General Secretary Xi Jinping in sign language nine years ago.

“I didn’t expect that General Secretary Xi Jinping would come to us. He shook my hand cordially and looked through the sign language books and photo albums I put on the bookshelf.” Recalling the warm scene, Wang Yani smiled and showed her canine teeth.

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In a special education school in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, Wang Yani uses sign language to communicate with students (photographed on August 8, 2022).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lian Zhen

“Being a teacher and helping deaf children like me” has always been Wang Yani’s dream. Encouraged by Grandpa Xi, she studied harder. After graduating from the Hohhot Special Education School, she went to a beauty school for advanced studies.

“The more I learn, the more I can teach the students.” Since the students are deaf-mute, Wang Yani tried her best to demonstrate with words, patterns and actions to help the students understand the knowledge.

“For children, especially orphans and disabled children, the whole society must have a heart of benevolence and care. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s personal practice is a spur and encouragement to all of us.” Mi Hong, director of the Hohhot Children’s Welfare Institute Rui mentioned the children whom the General Secretary had visited back then.

Lianlian, a girl with cerebral palsy who was handed over by General Secretary Xi Jinping with a plush toy big yellow duck, can now “walk” freely by relying on an intelligent mobile robot; Meng Tianyu, a boy who performed for the general secretary to welcome the Spring Festival, has been admitted to Zhejiang Vocational College of Special Education; the general secretary likes it The “simulated family” of the company has been passed down, bringing the warmth of “home” to more orphaned and disabled children.

“Keeping in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping’s entrustment, we will strive to create a warmer and more comfortable living environment, so that children can grow up healthily in the warmth of a big socialist family!” Mi Hongrui said.

[Shot 4: Shaanxi in 2015]

After the beginning of spring, the land of Sanqin is sunny and warm. From February 13th to 16th, 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Yan’an, Tongchuan, Xi’an and other places, went deep into villages, schools, communities, scientific research institutes, and memorial venues of revolutionary bases for investigation and investigation, and hosted the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Revolutionary Conference in Yan’an The symposium on getting rid of poverty and becoming rich in the old areas sent the cordial care of the Party Central Committee to the cadres and the masses.

In the early morning of February 13, as soon as General Secretary Xi Jinping arrived in Yan’an by plane from Beijing, he transferred to a car to visit the villagers in Liangjiahe Village, Wen’anyi Township, Yanchuan County, and gave them New Year’s goods purchased at his own expense.

Hearing that the general secretary was coming, the villagers were very excited. They rushed to the small square of the village committee, gathered around the general secretary, and scrambled to say hello to the general secretary. General Secretary Xi Jinping shook hands with them one by one, talked cordially, and took photos with them.

【return visit】

The home of Zhang Weipang, a villager in Liangjiahe Village, is well-cleaned, and the new year’s goods have already been prepared. The most conspicuous place in the living room is a group photo of General Secretary Xi Jinping with him.

“Jinping brought to the villagers the New Year’s goods purchased at his own expense, rice, noodles, oil, meat, as well as Spring Festival couplets and New Year pictures…” Recalling the meeting of “old friends” eight years ago, 74-year-old Zhang Weipang Still can’t contain my excitement.

“I will never forget Liangjiahe, I will never forget my fathers and fellow villagers, and I will never forget the people in the old districts.” Under the kind care of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the villagers of Liangjiahe “plucked” a well-off life from the apple tree and ate “” travel meal”.

Tourists visit Liangjiahe Village, Wen’anyi Town, Yanchuan County, Yan’an City, Shaanxi Province (photo taken on July 29, 2020).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Bowen

“In 2016, the apples were sold for hundreds of thousands of yuan. Now that I am too old to work, the orchard is contracted out, and I can earn 80,000 yuan a year without doing anything. In recent years, I have traveled out of the village and traveled to many places. To Zhang Weipang’s relief, his grandchildren have also stepped out of school and entered the society one after another. Some have become teachers at Yan’an University, and some have become firefighters.

Gong Baoxiong, Secretary of the Party Branch of Liangjiahe Village, said that now 90% of the families in our village have cars, pension and medical care are guaranteed, and the collective income of the village has reached more than 3.7 million yuan, making it a well-known beautiful village.

For the future development of the village, Gong Baoxiong is full of confidence: “In the next step, we will continue to focus on policy orientation and resource advantages, to build the village more and more beautiful, to develop the industry more and more powerful, and to make people’s lives more and more prosperous.” The more prosperous it is!”

[Shot 5: Jiangxi in 2016]

The land of Ganpo in winter is full of spring in the cold.

From February 1st to 3rd, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Ji’an, Jinggangshan, Nanchang and other places, and went deep into villages, enterprises, schools, communities, and revolutionary bases for investigation and investigation. The spirit and the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, the Central Poverty Alleviation and Development Work Conference, and the Central Urban Work Conference will guide the cadres and masses to send the Party Central Committee’s New Year blessings and cordial care.

Snowflakes are flying, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery early in the morning on February 2, presented flower baskets to the revolutionary martyrs, listened carefully to the explanations in front of the founding fathers, the martyrs photo wall and the martyrs list, and asked about the situation from time to time.

【return visit】

Jinggang is majestic, with overlapping peaks and mountains, and the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery is solemn and solemn.

Recalling the experience of introducing the deeds of revolutionary ancestors and martyrs to General Secretary Xi Jinping in 2016, Zhang Jing, who worked as a commentator at the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery at that time, still remembers vividly.

“The general secretary is very careful and serious. He is very familiar with the deeds of many revolutionary ancestors, and supplements the content of the explanation from time to time.” Zhang Jing said, “The general secretary listened to me to introduce more than 48,000 martyrs who died during the Jinggangshan struggle. Among them, only 15,744 people knew their names. He stared at the list of martyrs on the wall and remained silent for a long time, which made me unforgettable.”

This is the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery (taken on September 26, 2017, drone photo).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Vientiane

Zhang Jing was unforgettable. A veteran wearing a medal held her hand tightly and asked her to “continue to tell the story so that our descendants will know these stories!”; a little girl insisted on bringing her most beloved Dolls are left in front of the photos of the martyrs; on the guestbook, visitors write sincere words from the heart: “I really hope that those pioneers who passed away can see the strength of the motherland and the happiness of the people!”…

“Jinggangshan has set up a Jinggangshan spiritual propaganda group through red propaganda, red training, and red interpretation, so that ‘red stories are told every day, and the red firewood is passed on from generation to generation’.” Zhang Yanhua, member of the Standing Committee of the Jinggangshan Municipal Committee and director of the Propaganda Department, said that many young people Volunteer to join the team that tells historical stories and spreads red culture.

“The general secretary said that Jinggangshan is a mountain of revolution, a mountain of fighting, a mountain of heroes, and a mountain of glory.” Zhang Jing said, “Keep in mind the revolutionary martyrs and inherit the red gene. We will continue to build Jinggangshan, a red city without walls. The museum will let the spirit of Jinggangshan shine across time and space forever.”

[Shot 6: Hebei in 2017]

On January 24, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, to visit and express condolences to grassroots cadres and the masses, inspect the work of poverty alleviation and the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and extend good New Year blessings to the people of all ethnic groups across the country and wish the great motherland Be more prosperous and prosperous, and wish people of all ethnic groups happier and healthier.

In the family of Xu Haicheng, a villager in Desheng Village, Zhangbei County, the general secretary and his family calculated in detail the income and expenditure accounts for getting rid of poverty and becoming well-off. Small account book, big feelings. The general secretary encouraged Xu Haicheng, saying that the party and the government will continue to care about families like him, so that the villagers can live better and better lives.

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【return visit】

Against the backdrop of the blue sky, rows of small buildings with black tiles and white walls look extraordinarily grand. In the living room of Xu Haicheng’s family, beaming red lanterns were hung high.

“The general secretary sat on the sofa at my house, calculated the income and expenditure for everyone one by one, found a way to get rid of poverty and become rich, and encouraged us to make the potato industry bigger and stronger.” Xu Haicheng was very excited when mentioning the general secretary’s visit at home.

In that year, Desheng Village built 280 greenhouses to develop original potato seed breeding. Driven by the village party branch, Xu Haicheng contracted 6 greenhouses, and jointly built 22 in neighboring villages with others. In the second year, another five were won, and the net profit reached 100,000 yuan that year, turning from a poor household into a large planter.

In 2021, Xu Haicheng’s family will happily move to a new house of 150 square meters, with a family income of more than 200,000 yuan. “If the general secretary visits Desheng Village again, and then visits my house, I will read to him the new account book and post the report card.”

“It is necessary to organically combine poverty alleviation and development, modern agricultural development, and beautiful countryside construction to realize rich farmers, strong agriculture, and beautiful rural areas.” General Secretary Xi Jinping urged affectionately, turning it into the struggle and progress of Desheng Village step by step.

Ye Runbing, Secretary of the Party Branch of Desheng Village, introduced that the collective income of the village has achieved a leap from a “blank village” to a “million-yuan village”. In 2022, the village collective economy will reach more than 2.2 million yuan. “Photovoltaic, micro-potatoes, and homestay projects are becoming more and more prosperous.”

[Shot Seven: Sichuan in 2018]

From February 10 to 13, 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Chengdu and other places in Sichuan Province to go deep into villages, towns, enterprises, and communities to investigate poverty alleviation and economic and social development. The post-disaster recovery and reconstruction development situation sent the cordial care of the Party Central Committee to the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups.

General Secretary Xi Jinping visited two impoverished families, Ji Hao Ye Qiu and Jie Lie A Mu. Knowing that Ji Hao also asked her 10-year-old daughter Ji Hao Youguo to like to sing, General Secretary Xi Jinping asked her: “Would you like to sing a song?” The little girl replied straightforwardly: “Yes!” Learned “The National Flag is So Beautiful”.

“The national flag is so beautiful. Venus and Venus shine on the earth. I would like to become a little red cloud and fly to the blue sky to kiss you.” The innocent singing moved the people present. General Secretary Xi Jinping took the lead in applauding, praising her for her good singing and accurate pronunciation.

【return visit】

At the resettlement site in Sanhe Village, Liangshan Prefecture, villager Ji Hao Yeqiu uttered a clear and melodious childlike voice. This is his daughter Jihaoyouguo practicing singing.

“Grandpa Xi’s encouragement made my heart warm, and I kept singing.” The girl smiled brightly and was full of confidence.

In the early summer after Grandpa Xi came to Liangshan Prefecture, Jihao Youguo and his classmates were invited to Beijing to sing “The National Flag is So Beautiful” on TV again. Now, studying in Xichang City, she not only has excellent grades, but also joins the school choir. “I have learned a lot of new songs, and I want to sing my beautiful life and dreams to my teachers and classmates.”

“On the way to a well-off society in an all-round way, we must not forget every ethnic group and every family.” Under the care of General Secretary Xi Jinping, joy and beauty bloomed on the youthful face of Jihaoyouguo, shining on the once barren corners of Daliang Mountain.

On January 13, Ji Hao, a villager in Sanhe Village, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, asked to post Spring Festival couplets.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Yin Heng

Before the Spring Festival in 2019, Jihao also asked his family to move into a new home. The home has a TV, washing machine, refrigerator, and opened a small shop. Through raising cattle, chickens, beekeeping, part-time jobs and operating a canteen, the family’s per capita net income will exceed 20,000 yuan in 2022. Before the arrival of General Secretary Xi Jinping, this figure was less than 2,000 yuan.

The days are getting better and better, and Jihao also has more expectations for the future: “My five children are all studying in school, and I hope they can grow into useful people to society and repay the care of the party and the country for us. “


On February 1, 2019, the Spring Festival is approaching, and the atmosphere of the New Year in Beijing is getting stronger. General Secretary Xi Jinping was investigating and investigating in Beijing. He came to Qianmen East District and walked along the four alleys of Caochang to inspect the streets and alleys.

Walk into the “Small Courtyard Discussion Hall” located in No. 44 Courtyard, Caochang Sitiao, where a symposium on the upgrading and renovation of Hutong courtyards is being held.

The general secretary joined the discussion with great interest. He said to everyone: “Where are the traditional cultural characteristics of Beijing? It is the hutongs. If the hutongs in Beijing disappear and become high-rise buildings, how can we remember the nostalgia? When we carry out modernization, we must preserve this cultural heritage. After that, we must also allow the residents of Hutongs to live a modern life, and we must combine the two.”

【return visit】

The red lanterns are hung high, and the Spring Festival couplets with the word “Fu” are shining. In the courtyard of No. 40, Caochang 4th Street, 75-year-old Zhu Maojin was making dumplings with his family, and laughter spread throughout the alley.

Four years ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Zhu Maojin’s house to make dumplings and chat about homework together.

Zhu Maojin still remembers that the general secretary made four dumplings and said with a smile: “You see, the more dumplings the better. Our life is also like this, the more the better!”

“The more the better”, the sincere blessings witnessed the changes in the lives of the people in the Hutong area.

In the past, Sitiao of the Grass Factory was once dirty and dilapidated due to private construction and poor management. In 2016, after the overall upgrading and renovation work of Hutongs started, the overhead lines went into the ground, the sky became brighter, flowers and plants were planted and street lights were planted, the environment was beautiful, the people’s livelihood facilities were complete, and life was more convenient.

What makes the residents particularly gratified is that the introduction of modern life has not lost the flavor of old Beijing. Restoration of traditional skills, renewal of traditional materials… As a historical and cultural protection area, the transformation of Caochang Community has retained the original historical features.

Climb to Jingshan Mountain and look down, hundreds of hutongs criss-cross, the ancient rhyme and the new look blend and coexist, and the ancient capital culture flows among them. Looking at the children posting Spring Festival couplets in the hutongs, Zhu Maojin couldn’t help thinking of what the General Secretary said: “Hutongs are a distinctive feature of old Beijing. We must pay attention to preserving the characteristics of hutongs, so that the city can retain memories and people can remember nostalgia.”

[Shot Nine: Yunnan in 2020]

From January 19 to 21, 2020, on the eve of the Spring Festival, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Yunnan for investigation and research, and went deep into Tengchong, Kunming and other places to visit grassroots cadres and the masses. On the afternoon of the 19th, he first came to Simola Wa Village in Zhongzhai, Sanjia Village, Qingshui Township, Tengchong City.

On the village square, men, women and children of the Wa nationality dressed in national costumes beat drums and danced to welcome the most distinguished guests.

According to local customs, the general secretary sounded the wooden drum for the blessing of the Wa people——

“One sound of the drum means good weather; two sound of the drum, peace and prosperity for the country and people; three sound of the drum, the peace of the world!” Along with the vigorous sound of the drum and the blessings of the elders, applause and cheers gathered in the square.

【return visit】

“Smola” means “happy place” in Wa language. Li Fushun, a Wa villager, still feels that the happiest time for him is the day when General Secretary Xi Jinping came to visit his home.

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“I have poor legs and feet. When I went up, the general secretary told me to slow down from a distance. I felt so warm in my heart.” Li Fushun recalled that when he was making rice cakes, a traditional New Year food of the Wa people, he saw the words “blessing”, “happiness” and so on printed on the cakes. The general secretary also said with a smile: “Press a word of blessing, and then a word of happiness, good luck and joy.”

The general secretary encouraged Li Fushun’s eldest daughter to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination and said: “Good! I really have an idea. It can be done. Where there is a will, there is a way!” .

More than two years have passed, and all wishes have been obtained. “My daughter was admitted to graduate school, and my son became an armed police soldier. The general secretary sent us blessings and joy. I told the children that they must work hard, study hard, and repay the cultivation of the party and the country.” Li Fushun couldn’t get along with his smile. muzzle.

Before being lifted out of poverty in 2017, this Wa village with a history of more than 500 years was once full of thatched huts and smelly ditches. Today, surrounded by green hills, houses look like houses, and various professional cooperatives are thriving. In 2022, the per capita disposable income of the whole village will reach 18,620 yuan.

“The poverty alleviation of the villagers is only the first step towards a happy life, and it is the starting point of a new life and a new struggle.” The words left by General Secretary Xi Jinping are well remembered by the villagers.

[Shot Ten: Guizhou in 2021]

From February 3rd to 5th, 2021, when the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox is approaching, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Guizhou for investigation and research. Communities, send good wishes for the New Year and the care and condolences of the Party Central Committee to the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups.

In the beginning of spring, there is continuous drizzle in the hinterland of Wumeng Mountain, and the green hills are like Daisy. Along the winding mountain road, crossing mountain ridges and detours, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the small village of Miaojia in the deep mountains and rivers, and walked into the poverty alleviation workshop. The exquisite traditional costumes of the Miao nationality attracted the attention of the general secretary. “Miao embroidery is both traditional and fashionable. How wonderful it is when you embroider it stitch by stitch!” General Secretary Xi Jinping encouraged everyone to carry forward Miao embroidery. It is both an industry and a culture. It can carry forward national culture and tradition At the same time, it can also contribute to industrial poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

【return visit】

In the production workshop of the “Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop” in Huawu Village, embroiderers dressed in traditional costumes of “crooked seedlings” fly needles and thread, using embroidery needles as “pens” to “draw” exquisite patterns on dyed cloth.

Peng Yi, the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, is busy in his batik embroidery studio.

“The general secretary’s focused eyes when appreciating Miao embroidery, and his care and love for Miao embroidery, awakened everyone’s national cultural memory.” Recalling the scene of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection two years ago, Peng Yi is still very excited.

Keeping in mind the general secretary’s entrustment, Peng Yi actively seeks the innovation and development of intangible cultural heritage skills. On the exhibition shelf in the studio, the simple teacups are inlaid with embroidery, which is eye-catching; the seemingly ordinary hand-embroidered pieces are extraordinarily exquisite after being embellished with silver patterns… “These are the things we have explored in recent years to combine Miao embroidery and pottery. , silver jewelry making and other integrated development results. Integration and innovation have activated traditional ethnic handicrafts and endowed intangible cultural heritage with more vigorous vitality.” Peng Yi said.

Today, Peng Yi’s studio is booming. The studio is not only a community space for the inheritance and development of intangible cultural heritage skills, but also an employment platform for women who have been relocated for poverty alleviation. Last year, the studio had a turnover of nearly 800,000 yuan, which radiated and drove the employment of more than 30 local embroiderers and dyers.

At present, a number of powerful measures are being steadily promoted in Guizhou: the establishment of a leading group for the development of Miao embroidery industry, the development goals of industrialization, fashion, internationalization, and branding of Miao embroidery, actively cultivating inheritors of local ethnic culture, and vigorously supporting characteristic ethnic groups Handicraft enterprises… The ancient Miao embroidery is full of new vitality.

[Shot Eleven: Shanxi in 2022]

The snow falls in the three Jin Dynasty, and the jade is carved into silver clothes, which heralds another good year.

From January 26 to 27, 2022, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Shanxi for investigation and research. He came to Linfen, Jinzhong and other places, went deep into rural areas, enterprises, cultural relics protection units, etc., and sent the care and condolences of the Party Central Committee to grassroots cadres and the masses.

Crossing the mountains, crossing the Fen River, and following the winding road, General Secretary Xi Jinping and his party drove to Duan Village, Sengnian Town, Fenxi County. This village belongs to the concentrated and contiguous poverty-stricken area in the former Lvliang mountainous area. Through the diversified development of planting, breeding, forest fruit, and photovoltaic industry, the whole village was lifted out of poverty in December 2019.

In the cultural square of the village, the folks played majestic gongs and drums, performed Yangko, and a song “The Wind Stirs the Snow” pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

“Majestic gongs and drums, so majestic!” General Secretary Xi Jinping praised enthusiastically, attracting cheers.

General Secretary Xi Jinping told the villagers that the construction of a modern country is inseparable from the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. We must continue to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, solidly promote rural revitalization, improve the lives of the people, and make more progress in promoting agricultural and rural modernization.

【return visit】

In Duan Village, Sengnian Town, Fenxi County, Shanxi Province, in the courtyard of Cai Wenming’s house, the little lambs bleat and bleat, adding to the festive joy.

“The general secretary is very concerned about our farmers. When he came here, he asked very detailed questions. When he saw the oil cakes on the chopping board, he could directly name them. I really didn’t expect the general secretary to be so familiar with rural life.” Cai Wenming calculated the accounts. He grinned happily, “In less than a month, I have sold 34 sheep and earned more than 50,000 yuan. I can have a lively New Year! There is also a bathroom in the yard, and the sewage pipe network has been connected. Electric water heaters will be installed after the beginning of spring.”

Over the past year, Duan Village has consolidated and expanded the achievements of poverty alleviation, continued to promote rural revitalization, and focused on building six major industries of “one heart, one street, one base”, namely the party-mass service center, a commercial street, a red teaching and research base, sheep, cattle, and bisporus mushrooms , flowers, vegetables, and the six major industries of courtyard economy, the lives of ordinary people are flourishing.

Speaking of New Year’s wishes, Cai Wenming is full of confidence: “I hope to continue to expand the scale of sheep raising and raise the sheep well! As the general secretary said, life is getting better every day, and getting better every year!”

“I hope that with the wind blowing far away, every family and alley will be full of spring.” The north and south of the river, inside and outside Guanshan, when looking back, there is warmth that reaches people’s hearts, and earth-shaking changes are evident everywhere. In the warm spring, this hot land of China, with its myriad of phenomena, there are endless stories of well-off life and endless happy years.

Planning: Huo Xiaoguang

Coordinator: Zhang Xiaosong, Ju Peng, Wang Xuan, Dong Jun

Writers: Wu Jing, Zhou Wei, Shi Jingnan, Wang Sibei, Wang Peng, Xu Zhuang, Xiang Qingkai, Zhang Qin, Wang Bo, Zhang Xiao, Wei Jingyu, Li Hao, Lai Xing, Qin Jing, Wu Guangyu , Zhang Manzi, Zhao Cailin, Luo Fei, Li Ziwei

Photographers: Lan Hongguang, Ju Peng, Li Xueren, Xie Huanchi

Video reporters: Xiang Qingkai, Fan Peishen, Wang Bo, Ma Xiping, Wang Xiunan, Zhang Xiao, Darihan, Wu Hongbo, Guo Jiewen, Yue Wenting, Zou Shangbo, Yin Heng, Xue Chen, Ma Xiaodong, Wang Anhaowei, Liu Qinbing, Xu Wei

Visual | Editors: Zhang Shuning, Yang Wenrong, Wu Jingjing, Zhang Aifang, Hao Xiaojing, Wang Qiuyun, Tang Xing, Zhang Huihui, Bao Yuhan, Gu Yiping, Yuan Rui

Produced by Xinhua News Agency

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