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“Xiamen: A Paradise for High-Quality Development and Ecological Harmony”

The picturesque city of Xiamen, located in Fujian province, is a colorful haven that embraces the merging of mountains, seas, industries, cities, and people. With its stunning blue sea, verdant mountains, and vibrant cityscape, Xiamen has become a shining example of high-quality economic development and ecological harmony.

Covering only 1.4% of Fujian Province’s land area, Xiamen has achieved an impressive 14.8% of the province’s regional GDP and 48% of its total foreign trade import and export value. Its success lies in the vision and leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, who has played a pivotal role in the city’s astounding transformation.

In 1985, the State Council expanded the Xiamen Special Economic Zone to include the entire island of Xiamen and Gulangyu Island. Comrade Xi Jinping, who took on a leadership role in Xiamen during the same year, became a trailblazer for the city’s initial period of development. With his vision, Xiamen has witnessed significant achievements in ecological protection and high-quality economic growth.

One of the key milestones in Xiamen’s journey towards ecological harmony is the comprehensive management of Yuandang Lake. Comrade Xi Jinping presided over a special meeting in 1988, setting the stage for the butterfly change of the lake. The “20-character policy” for lake management was established, representing a complete theoretical system of ecological environment management.

The policy emphasized governing the lake in accordance with the law, intercepting and treating sewage, dredging and building banks, revitalizing water bodies, and beautifying the environment. It also set the tone for precise policies and practical compliance, initiating a robust battle to control the lake.

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The results of this extensive effort are evident today. Yuandang Lake, once a “stinking lake,” has undergone a remarkable transformation into a “city living room,” reflecting the city’s commitment to ecological priority and green development. Comrade Xi Jinping’s forward-thinking vision for law-based lake governance continues to influence Xiamen’s successful ecological management strategies.

Furthermore, Xiamen’s commitment to scientific governance and systemizing ecological protection has led to several noteworthy achievements. The city has developed a large-scale protection and management pattern from the top of the mountain to the ocean, resulting in the establishment of national beautiful bays, harmonious islands, and beautiful rivers and lakes.

The success story of Xiamen’s ecological civilization construction practice has garnered global recognition. Xiamen has received numerous accolades, including the “United Nations Habitat Award,” and has been designated as an “International Garden City,” “National Ecological City,” “National Forest City,” and “National Marine Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone.” These accolades highlight the city’s significant contributions to ecological protection and sustainable development.

Xiamen’s commitment to high-quality development and ecological harmony is evident in its policies and strategies. The city has diligently promoted the construction of a “high-quality city of innovation and entrepreneurship” and a “high-quality ecological garden city.” It has emphasized creating a beautiful and sustainable environment for its residents, promoting the integration and symbiosis of nature and urban development.

As Xiamen continues to lead the way in ecologically sustainable urban development, it stands as a shining example of Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thought in practice. The city’s remarkable achievements serve as a testament to the power of visionary leadership, sustainable policies, and dedicated efforts in promoting ecological harmony and high-quality development.

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With Xiamen’s forward-thinking approach to ecological protection and high-quality development, the city has paved the way for other regions to follow suit. As Xiamen’s doors remain open to visitors from around the world, the city’s commitment to ecological harmony and high-quality development continues to set an exemplary standard for 21st-century urban planning and sustainable growth.

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