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Ludwigshafen knife attack: donation distribution newly regulated

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Ludwigshafen knife attack: donation distribution newly regulated

Ludwigshafen. The distribution of the donations after the bloody crime in Oggersheim led to a debate and a petition in Ludwigshafen. On Monday evening, the building and land committee agreed on a new procedure. As the city announced, the members followed a suggestion from the administration in a non-public meeting: According to this, donors who expressly want to donate to the survivors and the seriously injured victim and not to the ex-partner of the alleged perpetrator can do so to the administration by e- e-mail or letter.

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Allocation of donations: form available

The city announced that a corresponding form will be available on the city’s website from Tuesday afternoon. The donation amount is then distributed exclusively to the survivors of the two killed men and the injured victim.

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The Green Forum and Pirates faction had submitted an application to the committee to adjust the distribution of the donations and to exclude the alleged perpetrator’s former partner from the group of recipients. For its part, the city administration had submitted a procedural proposal to take into account both those who want to donate to all four parties and those who want to donate to the bereaved and the seriously injured victim.

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Start of the process at the district court in Frankenthal

On October 24, a 26-year-old Somali man is said to have fatally injured two people on Philipp-Scheidemann-Strasse with a 20-centimetre-long kitchen knife and seriously injured a third man in a nearby Rossmann branch. The trial against the alleged perpetrator began in February at the Frankenthal District Court.

That says Mayor Jutta Steinruck

“I accept the criticism that we should have communicated that more clearly. But I personally stand by my stance that it was right to consider everyone in order to mitigate existential hardship. This corresponds to our understanding of a fair, compassionate state; what counts for us the principles of our constitutional state,” said Mayor Jutta Steinruck.

However, the threats and hate mail that the city administration has received in recent weeks cannot be justified. They are characterized by hatred of politics, of administration, hatred of women and hatred of refugees. The most unbearable were handed over to the public prosecutor’s office, the statement said.

Till Borner Editor Editor in the online editorial office

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