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M5S, accounts in the red for the “Grillo blog”: company in liquidation without advertising

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The pandemic is also being felt on Beppe Grillo’s accounts. The company founded by the guarantor M5S and which is entrusted with the management of his blog, ‘Beppegrillo Srl’, closed the last financial statements, the one relating to the year 2020, with a loss of 12,457 euros, against the positive result of 65,753 euros carried over to the previous year. “The management trend – reads the report to the financial statements viewed by beraking latest news – was strongly influenced by the epidemiological emergency Covid-19″, the effects of which also spilled on the sector of web portals, characterized, during the course of exercise, “by a drastic reduction of users and customers requesting advertising on the web”. In the supplementary note that accompanies the document, an alarm bell sounds for the Genoese Srl of Grillo. “Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, commercial companies in general have drastically reduced advertising costs” and “this trend has also affected Beppegrillo Srl”. «We plan to enter into new advertising contracts during the two-year period 2021/2022. Otherwise and promptly – the warning – the company will be put into liquidation ».

The company’s bank deposits are also dwindling, according to the report: the cash and cash equivalents included in current assets go from € 54,464 in the previous year to the current € 27,436. The net equity existing at the end of the financial year amounted to € 126,544 (€ 139,001 in the previous financial year). Total payables instead amounted to 12,206 euros (31,904 euros in 2019). And if the “revenues from sales and services” drop from 240,538 euros (year 2019) to 57,939 euros, the total of the “production costs” goes from 151,000 to 70,384 euros. Finally, as regards the “significant events that occurred after the close of the financial year”, the document reveals that “following the epidemiological crisis Covid-19 which began in 2020 and is still ongoing”, after the close of the financial year «A request for an agreement has been notified by the client Moby Spa pursuant to art. 182 bis 1. bankruptcy on 10/02/2021, to evaluate a repayment agreement for the credit claimed “by Beppegrillo Srl” for 73,200 euros “. “Later, in July 2021, the Court of Milan notified the opening of the procedure for the composition with creditors of Moby Spa”, reads again

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