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M5S: in Turin debut for SkyVote, platform heir to Rousseau

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After months of waiting and discussions, the 5 Star Movement of Turin will decide on Wednesday 21 July its candidate for mayor, relying for the first time on the SkyVote platform, the heir of Rousseau. The pentastellati have decided to entrust to the vote of the Turin members – about 2 thousand potential voters – who among the group leader Valentina Sganga and the chairman of the Commerce Commission Andrea Russi will attempt to receive the baton from Chiara Hangers at the helm of the municipal administration.

Hanger: direct democracy characteristic of M5S

Online polls open from 10 to 22 for what Appendino defines «a very important goal with which we carry forward the principle of direct democracy that has always characterized us. The Turin Movement community is proud to be leading the way with this vote. Turin – he adds – has always been a protagonist in the various phases of the M5S since its origins and we are anxiously awaiting the vote and being able to present our candidate ».


Crimi: “Certified, secret and secure votes”

In Rome he is the regent Vito Crimi to present the new platform, together with the notary Alfonso Colucci and the CEO of SkyVote Alfonso Di Sotto. The votes will be “certified, secret and secure”, underlines Crimi, remarking that “direct democracy” remains “the beating heart” of the M5S as well.

«The SkyVote company has no role in defining the electoral body, which is done by the bodies of the M5S – explained Crimi -. The electoral body is then delivered to SkyVote with data that are used exclusively to identify the voter. SkyVote checks that those who have indicated the M5S are accessing the platform. A link is sent to the voter and it is as if it were the voting card. At the time of the vote there is an additional element of certification, which is the SMS via mobile phone. This mechanism has a series of systems that guarantee the secrecy, authenticity and uniqueness of the vote ».

«Our effort is to combine the principle of democracy with the certainty of truth and transparency. Each polling station is encrypted and the decryption key is in the hands of the notary », he underlines Alfonso Colucci, notary who takes care of votes on Skyvote.

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