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M5S, what will Conte ask of Draghi and what Draghi will be able to grant

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M5S, what will Conte ask of Draghi and what Draghi will be able to grant

On the one hand, the flags of the 5 Star Movement such as citizenship income, the super bonus, the opposition to the waste-to-energy plant in Rome and the issue of sending weapons to Ukraine. On the other hand, Palazzo Chigi available to listen and waiting to make evaluations to eventually draw conclusions. It is the eve of the meeting scheduled for Monday 4 July between the leader of the Five Stars Giuseppe Conte and Prime Minister Mario Draghi who, however, has been postponed to Wednesday at 4.30 pm due to the tragedy on the Marmolada: the premier flew to the site of the serious accident .

Listening to Palazzo Chigi

On the part of Draghi there will be listening but no derailment from the set line. With the clear confirmation of never having asked the guarantor Beppe Grillo to get rid of the former prime minister from the 5-star guide. The road already traced (and shared with the parties) between now and the end of the year, starting with the application of the PNRR and the green light for the indispensable reforms, however, represents the guiding star for the government’s moves. And no retreat is imaginable on Italy’s international positioning: support for Ukraine by sending weapons will continue. The fourth decree will arrive this week.

Basic income

Among the conditions placed by Conte at the table with Draghi there will certainly be the issue of citizenship income. With an amendment to the aid decree, a tightening of the measure was introduced, one of the identity themes of the 5 Star Movement. The proposal came from the center-right but was also voted on by the Democratic Party (with a favorable opinion of the government) with only the M5S against. A defeat in commission received with irritation in the Movement. On Monday 4 July the text arrives in the Chamber, the question of trust is certain (it must be converted by July 16 and must pass to the Senate). To meet the requests of the Five Stars, the intervention could be revised or canceled.

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In the list of issues that the leader of the Movement will address there is also the 110% superbonus issue, one of the symbolic measures of the second government led by Conte. Despite the insistence of the M5S, the government remains firm on the decision not to extend the measure: it has however intervened to unblock the situation of problem loans, expanding the number of institutions on which banks can download those acquired by businesses and citizens. Measure also inserted in this case with an amendment to the aid decree. The Five Stars, however, insist on further interventions with the aim of “maximum viability in the circulation of tax credits by the parties concerned” because “unfortunately this accessibility is still insufficient”.

Rome waste-to-energy plant

In the aid decree there is, in addition to the squeeze on citizenship income, another indigestible measure for the M5s: that on the waste-to-energy plant in Rome. The Five Stars have tried to pass an amendment that aimed to limit the powers in waste management of the mayor of Rome, as commissioner for the Jubilee, in order to hinder the construction of the incinerator. But the proposal was rejected. However, mediation on the issue with Palazzo Chigi is considered possible.

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