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Macará, Técnico Universitario and Mushuc Runa with 40 new players for the 2024 Pro League

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Macará, Técnico Universitario and Mushuc Runa hired 40 new soccer players for the Ecuadorian Soccer Championship.

Macará, University Technician and Mushuc Runa They are the teams that have made the most signings together for the season 2024 in the LigaPro.

The Ambateño teams have so far hired 40 new footballers to reinforce their squads and they hope that they will allow them to be competitive.

The edition number 67 of the Ecuadorian Soccer Championship Serie A Starts hoy and the enthusiasm of the Ambateño teams is renewed to win a national title for the first time, but the hiring of new footballers does not guarantee the sporting success.


Macara returns to the A league of the Ecuadorian soccer after a year of absence with a vision of complete renewal. Although the previous year’s staff (2023) won the title of the Serie B and the long-awaited return to the A, only 10 footballers They remain on the squad and there was even a change of coach for this season.

“We have done work with the coaching staff and all the footballers domestic and foreign They came with the endorsement of coach. “It has not been decisions made by a single person, but by several, who are responsible for the success or failure of the hiring,” he said. Hector Salazarsports manager of ‘Ídolo’ ambateño.

Also, he mentioned that the team has 27 players on the main campus and hopes that all new footballers demonstrate their qualities on the playing field.

16 PLAYERS hired Macará.

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15 PLAYERS hired a University Coach.

9 PLAYERS hired Mushuc Runa for this 2024 season.

new faces

University technician is another of the Ambateño teams that got rid of many players from the 2023 and had to hire new footballers to face the LigaPro and the South American Cup.

He ‘Roller’ contract 18 players at the beginning of the year, but three of them left the team before the start of the tournaments.

“I think he equipment It is in good condition and I am calm with the template I have. The feelings are very positive, those who were better have stayed and those who could not adapt to the idea have left. I am very excited about this one group of players and despite the lack of official matches there are no excuses, because all the clubs arrive on equal terms,” he commented. Juan Pablo Buch, coach of ‘Roller’.

The transfer book for the first half of LigaPro 2024 closes on Monday, March 25.

Key players

For Renato Salas, technical director of Mushuc Personthe new hires that his team made are footballers from experience that will allow you to manage the times of the matches and achieve the objective of qualifying for the first time to a Libertadores Cup.

“I am happy with the game philosophy that we work on in the preseason. All the players have shown application to what they have been asked to do. We have very interesting people who know how to play with one or two touches and who have experience to face the A league. The team is ready to play in the Copa Libertadores and we hope to achieve it,” said Salas.

Tungurahua is the second province with the most soccer teams in the LigaPro, it has three representatives. The first is Pichincha with six clubs.

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Despite this, Carlos Seville, historic Ecuadorian technical director, considers that the hiring of several signings does not guarantee that the Ambateño teams will be able to fight for the first positions in the LigaPro and on the contrary, he believes that it implies a neglect of the managers to enhance their training categories.

“We hope that the technical bodies They have had the ability to incorporate players that allow them to strengthen their work idea. We are all waiting to see how the three teams and let’s hope they can compete. It is easy to deduce that the work of smaller divisions is not being done well, especially in the Under 14 categories y Sub 16 so that they nourish the main team. That’s why hiring so many players ends up being an expense for the clubs,” Sevilla analyzed.

Also, he added that football today is a globalized sport and that all teams can have good minor categories with good scouting (a person who looks for talent) in all the provinces of the Ecuador.

“The money that should be invested in the minors goes with others football players and there they do not have the necessary income. If players are bought for one or two years it ends up being a bad investment. We have to work and look for the best players in different categories at the national level to work with them and strengthen the team,” concluded Sevilla. (J.R.)

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