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Machete Park, could disappear

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Machete Park, could disappear

“We are asking you to please come to an agreement and not put the municipality in such an unfortunate situation, as it would be to lose the Parque del Machete”: Mayor Toro

The popular ‘Parque del Machete’, a place that over the years has become a meeting point for all those looking for a space to enjoy music, theater, dance, commerce, tourism and all those traditions of our coffee region, is in danger and could ‘close’ its doors to the public.

This is because the Santa Rosa de Cabal Public Improvement Society, owner of the property, decided to open a sale to it. Although the lot is private, it is available to a public service from which not only commerce benefits, but also tourism in the municipality of Las Araucarias and the department of Risaralda.

In dialogue with Mr. William García, in charge of paying the lease for this place and spokesperson for the merchants, he stated that “this is a place where culture has been greatly benefited, we have cultural retreats, the first Friday of each month we have an event called parquearte, where music and artistic expressions are enjoyed, people gather to have a coffee or a photo at the monument of the machetes, which are the largest in the world, it is not possible that they are going to leave us without everything this”.

This park, which at first was called Gonzalo Echeverry, was built in 1964, with the passage of time it was ostracized and became the lodging for the street inhabitants, however, by the year 2013 (already ten years ago) , they developed ‘The monument to the machete’, with which this space was notoriously recovered, which became ‘the room’ for locals and visitors.

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Rodrigo Toro, Mayor Santa Rosa de Cabal

“Both Governor Víctor Manuel Tamayo and I have forcefully opposed that decision, even though we respect the autonomy of the Public Improvement Society to dispose of its own assets, we consider that today the Machete Park is a patrimony of the people of Santa Rosa, It is a cultural, artistic, architectural reference that deserves to be preserved, for this reason we are inviting the Public Improvement Society and the people who have developed this initiative from the private sector, such as the Machete Park, to come to an agreement, to not go to do a detriment to the culture, to the heritage of Santa Rosa de Cabal, by finishing the park, basically to end the park”.

William Garcia, Administrator

“We gave life to this place, it became a pleasant environment, now they are suing us and the court in a record response, something strange seemed to me, they issued an order that we had to vacate the property in three days, that was at the end of January, we We appeal the decision and we are waiting for a new response, the truth is that this is sad, because they, who are the ones who should promote this type of space, on the contrary, are looking for their own interest since the lawsuit clearly says that the property will be will put it up for sale.”
Let’s remember that the Machete Park is considered cultural and tourist heritage in Santa Rosa de Cabal, it has even been promoted at the national level, so that all Colombians know and visit it.

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11 is the number of merchants that are part of the Parque del Machete.


Sandra Badillo

“The truth is very disconcerted, because the Parque del Machete has become one of the most important stages nationally and internationally, a cultural reference, it generates too many direct jobs with mothers who are heads of household, in some way it is a space where the talents and generate a livelihood for their families, it is a scenario that cannot be missed, it is a place that is worth rescuing”

Ramiro Antonio Osorio

“The site went astray, it was because of the kidnapped vice. The Machete park turned it into a sacred temple. Preserving it is a duty for the exercise of the culture and heritage of Santa Rosa de Cabal of the Coffee Cultural Landscape and of the world “.

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