Home News Machinery mows fields and enjoys a bumper harvest year – a direct hit when the wheat machine harvest in Hebei is in progress_China Economic Net-National Economic Portal

Machinery mows fields and enjoys a bumper harvest year – a direct hit when the wheat machine harvest in Hebei is in progress_China Economic Net-National Economic Portal

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Machinery mows fields and enjoys a bumper harvest year – a direct hit when the wheat machine harvest in Hebei is in progress_China Economic Net-National Economic Portal

Xinhua News Agency, Shijiazhuang, June 18th: “Mechanical mowing of fields enjoys a bumper harvest year – a direct look at the time when the wheat machine harvest in Hebei is in progress”

Xinhua News Agency reporter Feng Weijian

In the land of Yanzhao, the wind blew the wheat waves, and the golden wheat ears were full of grains, and harvesters shuttled through them. As the wheat in the northern Hebei plain enters the centralized harvest period, the machine harvesting progress of summer grain in Hebei Province is more than half. In the past few days, a group of “soil experts” and “Tian Xiucai” have been active in the fields, driving various modern agricultural machinery and equipment to escort the production of summer grain.

As the harvester operates in the field, the per-mu yield calculated based on the positioning will automatically appear on the display. In Kuanle Cooperative, Yongqing County, Langfang City, member Ye Songsong controls an automatic yield-testing harvester equipped with a combined harvesting IoT monitoring system. When the operation is stopped, the information such as the number of harvested acres and grain yield is clear at a glance.

In the Kuanle Cooperative in Yongqing County, a farmer drives a yield-testing harvester for machine harvesting. (Photo provided by the interviewee)

The Kuanle Cooperative mainly grows wheat, corn and other grain crops, covering an area of ​​more than 10,000 mu, with an annual output of 5 million kilograms of grain. In addition to the automatic yield measuring harvester, the cooperative is also equipped with more than 100 modern agricultural machinery such as Beidou navigation self-driving planters, unmanned tractors, plant protection drones, grain drying towers, etc. Intelligent.

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At the wheat harvesting site in Chenjiawu Village, Wen’an Town, Wen’an County, 8 combine harvesters were operating at the same time, and the harvest of more than 50 acres of wheat was completed in just ten minutes.

“When harvesting, it is necessary to choose an appropriate operation route, adjust the operation width, maintain the operation speed, and reduce the loss rate.” Ning Zhimei, deputy director of the Agricultural Machinery Technology Promotion Center of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Wen’an County, made statistics on the loss rate of machine harvesting while giving on-site guidance. Workflow.

Combine harvesters work in the fields in Chenjiawu Village, Wen’an County. (Photo provided by the interviewee)

“The agricultural machinery has excellent performance and the operator has a high level of operation, which can effectively avoid missed cutting and grass blocking.” Ning Zhimei said that through the training of agricultural machinery operators, the role of agricultural machinery has been brought into full play, and the loss rate of machine harvesting has been fully controlled below 2%.

Relying on intelligent production equipment, Renze District of Xingtai City provides agricultural trusteeship services. Farmers “order” and cooperatives “place orders”. Farmers can enjoy “private customization” services according to their own needs, and the professional advantages of local talents are fully utilized.

Last year, Liu Weiqing, a villager in Nanliuzhai Village, Xigu Town, Renze District, Xingtai City signed a trusteeship agreement with the Zhanguo Agricultural Machinery Cooperative, and handed over the fertilizer, water, plant protection and harvesting tasks of more than ten mu of wheat to the cooperative.

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A combine harvester harvests wheat in Xigu Town, Renze District, Xingtai City. (Photo provided by the interviewee)

“The yield of managed wheat fields is 520 kilograms per mu, and the yield of non-custodial wheat fields is 470 kg per mu.” Liu Weiqing was overjoyed when he heard the results of the yield test: “The trusteeship service has improved the efficiency of mechanized operations, allowing farmers to become ‘hands-off shopkeepers’ and ‘sit back and enjoy’ Harvest.”

In order to ensure that all the receivables are harvested, for the areas where large-scale planting has not been achieved, agricultural talents are organized in various regions to go deep into the fields, and provide professional technical guidance to the self-employed farmers to ensure the normal harvest of each plot.

Among the 524 administrative villages in Hengshui Wuyi County, 50 villages were selected to build village-level party schools. During the “Three Summers” season, lively and practical agricultural skills training courses were staged at the village-level party school. Through participatory and interactive teaching, the backbone of agricultural technology and the leaders of rural revitalization teach techniques “hands-on” and answer questions “one-on-one”.

Members of the Botou Agricultural Technology Training Group repair agricultural machinery and equipment for the villagers. (Photo provided by the interviewee)

Botou City, Cangzhou has established 13 local talent service stations, developed more than 500 professional local talents, and established “local experts” and “Tian Xiucai” agricultural technology training groups to keep an eye on the changes in wheat seedlings, by region, category and season. Strengthen the precise management of the field, and help the villagers to harvest and plant in summer.

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“The awns are busy harvesting, and the farmhouse is happy to open the sickle. The west wind is drying the ear and the sea, and machinery is mowing the fields.” Today, in Hebei, more than 2 million agricultural machinery and equipment have been put into summer harvesting and summer seeds, and nearly 100,000 local talents are walking in the fields. The “Three Summers” harvest map depicted is slowly spreading in the land of Yanzhao.

(Responsible editor: Fu Zhongming)

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