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Macron did not rule out the deployment of troops to Ukraine and announced a coalition to send longer-range missiles

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The French president considered that in the face of the increase in Russian aggressiveness “it cannot be expected”

Emmanuel Macron did not rule out the deployment of military forces in Ukraine, although he has acknowledged that at the moment there is no consensus in that regard. Likewise, he announced a coalition to send longer-range missiles to Kiev.You may be interested: Russia tries to consolidate the victory in Avdivka while advancing towards other Ukrainian bastions and redoubling its efforts in Zaporizhzhia

“Today there is no consensus to send ground troops, but in the dynamic we must not exclude anything,” said the president of France during his intervention in the Ukraine Support Conference celebrated in Paris.

“We will do everything necessary so that Russia cannot win this war. And I say this with all the humility that must be had when we look at the two years that have just passed,” he noted.

The French president considered that in the face of the increase in Russian aggressiveness, both on Ukrainian soil and against the rest of the European allies, “one cannot wait” to give a response and assumed a “measured ambiguity” regarding the sending of troops. You may be interested: After two years of war, Ukrainians seek to live normally in the midst of tragedy

He was the Slovak prime minister, the populist Robert Ficowho put this measure on the table and although it did not receive majority support, it became the great novelty of the meeting, because as Macron summarized, “everything must be done so that Russia does not win this war.”

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For his part, Macron referred to “five categories of action” in which European officials have agreed to invest resources: “Cyberdefense, the co-production of weapons and ammunition in Ukrainethe defense of countries directly threatened by Russia and, in particular, Moldavia; the ability to support Ukraine on its border with Belarus and in mine removal operations.” You may be interested: Zelensky met with US senators amid the blockade in the US Congress over aid to Ukraine

In any case, he assured that “we must do more” when it comes to sending military resources to Ukraine. “There are several options on the table, such as the joint issuance of debt” for Ukraine, he said.

“The priority of priorities is ammunition. “We are determined to reach the end of the available stocks,” he indicated, while defending the importance of medium and long-range missiles and bombs.

“According to our analysis (…). Russia continues the war and its territorial conquest, against Ukraine but against all of us in general (…). “We are convinced that the defeat of Russia is essential for security and stability in Europe.”he expressed.

In that line announced the creation of a coalition to send longer-range munitions and missiles to Ukraineinsisting that “the defeat of Russia is indispensable for security and stability in Europe.”

The German Chancellor Olaf Scholzwas reluctant for his country to hand over kyiv misiles Tauruscapable of reaching 500 kilometers, to avoid an escalation in the conflict, but did not oppose other countries, such as France o United Kingdomcontinue sending shorter-range Scalp missiles that they already deliver to Ukraine.

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Volodimir Zelensky has been requesting greater military cooperation from the West to contain the Russian advance in Ukraine

Western officials recognize the risk that Russia will prevail in the conflict in 2024, when Ukraine runs out of weapons and ammunition. kyiv regrets the delay in the supply of promised weapons.

The Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenskycomplained in a recorded message that was played during the summit that only 30% of the howitzers promised by Europe have been delivered to its troops, something recognized by Macron, who promised to look for these weapons in those countries that have them and increase production, all with a clear schedule that can be met to “give visibility to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

The French president appealed for “a leap forward” in aid to Ukraine without waiting for the United States Congress to unfreeze the aid requested by the Biden administration, nor waiting for the result of the elections in that country next November.

“Currently Europe provides 30% of aid to Ukraine. This is a European war and I believe in a Europe of defense (…) We cannot bequeath the fate of this war, which determines our future, on the American voter. Let’s not wait for that result, let’s act now,” he assured.

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