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Mafe Carrascal responds to Polo Polo controversial trill

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Mafe Carrascal responds to Polo Polo controversial trill

“Aren’t you EX-indigenous?” Carrascal asked Polo Polo, reminding him of that controversy in which he was involved due to his double ethnicity, which almost made him ineligible as a congressman. Polo Polo was recognized first as indigenous and then as Afro-descendant, an alleged offense that violated the law and generated the inability to take office.

David Racero and Roy Barreras will request investigations against Polo Polo

In one of his most recent pronouncements, he went lance at the ready against the Defense Minister Iván Velásquez and his current situation with Guatemala. “Colombia, the country where the defense minister issues an arrest warrant, and the justice minister is silent. A government of criminals! At last, a government commanded by a guerrilla. Corrupt white-collar jerks”said Polo Polo.

With the same tone, the representative published several tweets a couple of hours ago where he invited the public to a national strike. However, toSome derogatory words in this regard generated the reaction of leaders of the government bench, such as the president of the House of Representatives, David Racero, who said: “Repetitive profane statements by this character. He got used to doing politics from the creepy show I think that the best way to respond is to ignore it, because it infects politics. But this warrants investigation by the Ethics Commission, which, as President, I will request”,

David Racero then confirms through this communication that he will go before the Ethics Commission to investigate the statements of Miguel Polo Polo. The decision, received the support of the also president of the Senate, Roy Barreras, who added:

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“One thing is the legitimate right to opposition and another is inciting crime, sedition, slandering with impunity, harming institutions. I will ask the Honorable Supreme Court of Justice to determine whether or not these statements by Mr. Polo Polo constitute a crime that deserves penal reproach,” Barreras pointed out.

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