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MAG encourages agricultural development in AlausÃ

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MAG encourages agricultural development in AlausÃ


The Totoras Educational Unit has more than 200 students; As part of their academic training process, students acquire basic knowledge in the agricultural area. For this reason, the MAG managed the delivery of this equipment that will be used during field work and practices in the territory.

Authorities from both institutions participated in the delivery of the tools.

Authorities from the Ministry of Livestock and Agriculture (MAG) delivered two motocultors to the Totoras Bilingual Intercultural Educational Unit of the Alausí canton. This machinery will serve to encourage and contribute to rural youth in their learning in agricultural activities, for soil preparation, among other academic activities. The motocultor is an agricultural equipment that can be equipped with various types of implements to carry out various activities such as sowing, tracking, compacting the soil, watering and towing, in addition, it is suitable for use in muddy or dry fields, and on soils. with moderate slopes. In the rural sector, these types of tools allow the farmer to optimize his time and modernize his ancestral practices, facilitating the increase in his production so that the producers’ income increases. During the delivery of the equipment, the students were very happy about the equipment they will use.

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