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MAG presents a new alternative for feeding cattle and reducing production costs

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MAG presents a new alternative for feeding cattle and reducing production costs

For national livestock farmers to reduce production costs and improve the feeding and nutrition of their herds, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) presented Concentrates from El Salvador, a new alternative with formulas prepared by experts in animal nutrition and processed with raw materials. of excellent quality.

“We created this new brand so that ranchers can reduce production costs and, little by little, achieve greater profitability in their farms. Every effort we make to support livestock development is linked, because as many know, we are working at the national level with the bovine artificial insemination brigades for Livestock Genetic Improvement. We also work on nutrition and alternative food, with the delivery of Cratylia plants in different areas of the country. Now, added to all the efforts, we have Concentrates from El Salvador for all livestock farmers nationwide,” said Vice Minister Óscar Domínguez.

“As a company, we have been entrusted with the task of manufacturing and distributing Concentrates from El Salvador, products that are distinguished by their quality and performance. This work will be carried out by our team through the logistics apparatus and operational resources, with the objective of reaching the producer who needs it and in this way contributing to the Salvadoran livestock farmer,” explained the production and logistics manager of Concentrados San José, Josué. Cowboy.

The official explained that the different formulas of El Salvador Concentrates will be marketed in a 45 kg presentation:
• Super Lechero. Premium, maximum protein, with more than 20%.
• Lechero Plus. Optimal protein, with 18%.
• Maintenance. Balanced meal.

“For us it is vital to lower costs, and I have heard that the concentrates contain good components. We must remember that as ranchers we must also opt for good forage, management and practices in favor of the environment, seeking restorative livestock farming. I thank our Vice Minister for this support for livestock farms and the actions to lower costs, and everything that is going to be done to help us,” said Alfredo Guerra, president of the Ahuachapán Sur Livestock Association (AGAS).

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“Concentrados de El Salvador is a comprehensive initiative of the Livestock Genetic Improvement program, which will relieve the pockets of livestock farmers, offering a line of premium foods with high protein value nutritionally balanced by experts in animal nutrition, at a low cost without sacrificing quality. and taste,” explained Iván Betancourt, director of Livestock at MAG.

“As a Ministry we are developing an unprecedented effort, through artificial insemination in cattle, so I can assure you that these new inputs will add significantly, since now you will have a more economical option for the quality feeding of your animals,” said Marlon Reyes, project coordinator for artificial insemination in bovines.

From this day on, producers interested in acquiring any of the varieties of Concentrates from El Salvador can place orders by calling 2306-7937 or writing to WhatsApp 7748 4179, opening hours are from 7:30 am to 5:30 am: 00 pm

“Concentrados El Salvador will reach the national level, but among the ranchers they can agree so that it reaches many more places. This is just beginning, because when there is will, good things are done,” concluded Vice Minister Óscar Domínguez.

About the Concentrated formulas from El Salvador:

• Super Lechero. Premium, maximum protein, with more than 20%.
This formula is ideal for livestock in production, mainly for the first stage of lactation; that is, after childbirth.
This concentrate will complement the main forage diet, i.e. corn or sorghum silage.

• Lechero Plus. Optimal protein, with 18%.
It can be used in the transition periods of the pregnant cow or when it is in the drying process, that is, ending its milk production cycle. You can also start with this formula after calving to adapt the ruminant’s bacterial microflora, and later give the formula with higher protein.
This concentrate is successfully combined with grazing, being an ideal complement for herd nutrition.

• Maintenance. Balanced meal.
This formula is ideal for animals that are growing and developing; For example:

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In the transition from calf to heifer, when the animal is weaning. Bulls selected for reproduction. Horro cattle, that is, they are free grazing and are eventually supplied with concentrate rations.

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