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Magistrate Camilo Ruiz is disqualified for 18 years after corruption

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Magistrate Camilo Ruiz is disqualified for 18 years after corruption

In a first instance ruling, The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation sanctioned with dismissal and disqualification for 18 years the auxiliary magistrate of the honorable Supreme Court of Justice, Camilo Andrés Ruiz, for executing acts contrary to their functional duties in the substantiation and procedures of criminal proceedings in the 2015-2017 term.

The control entity confirmed that the subject, in his capacity as auxiliary magistrate of the Honorable Supreme Court of Justice, assigned to the office of magistrate Gustavo Enrique Malo Fernández, at the time of the facts, He was responsible for substantiating, planning and managing the procedural processing of the criminal files of that judicial office.

In turn, the entity evidenced that the official received large sums of money, by the lawyer Luis Gustavo Moreno, to delay the procedures and delay the conduct of criminal investigations that were being carried out against ex-congressman Milton Córdoba Manyoma, one of them related to the report of a non-existent mining exploitation that would have facilitated an alleged money laundering and the other related to the construction of the municipal administration headquarters on a property without the permits established by law, when he was the mayor of the municipality of Medio Baudó, Chocó.

Additionally, the Public Ministry confirmed that the lawyer also He gave the official Camilo Andrés Ruiz money to delay the process in the criminal process carried out against the former congresswoman Argenis Velásquez Ramírez, related to the improper collection of a commission from an EPS when she was the mayoress of Orito, Putumayo.

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Therefore, the Delegate Disciplinary Prosecutor for Judgment 2 described the ex-magistrate’s misdemeanor as very serious as fraud, upon verifying that he acted contrary to his legal and constitutional functional duties, in order to avoid unfavorable rulings for the aforementioned ex-congressmen, with which the investigated put himself at the service of the criminal organization called the “cartel de la toga”violating the principle of morality.

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