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Major works are underway in Leningrad III

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Major works are underway in Leningrad III

Many times the popular neighborhoods are forgotten by the municipal administrations, in addition their community leaders do little to manage the projects required by the sectors they represent.

This is not the case of the Leningrad III neighborhood in Ciudadela Cuba, where leaders such as Rolando García and Gregorio Hernández, who managed to get the Pereira Mayor’s Office and the Risaralda Governor’s Office to carry out different works that benefit the entire community.

One of them is the expansion of the multiple court of the main park of this sector of the capital of Risaraldense, works that are progressing satisfactorily and that will allow the practice of different sports such as mini-soccer, basketball, volleyball. It will also serve so that people can play sports or recreate. In this expansion and improvement, the investment amounts to $241 million.

Once the aforementioned works are completed, the construction of the roof (roof) and the installation of the luminaires would be carried out, for which around $443 million would be invested.

In an interview with El Diario, Rolando García, leader of Leningrad III, assured that this week the works for the aqueduct and sewerage networks for blocks 27, 28 and 29 were delivered, in which $573 million were invested.

For his part, Gregorio Hernández, a member of the community action board of the aforementioned sector, stated that once the new works are finished, it will be the community’s duty to ensure that they are not damaged by misuse.

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