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Majucla School Center holds festival in a gang-free environment

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Majucla School Center holds festival in a gang-free environment

Marisol Díaz was a 14-year-old girl murdered in March 2019 and an eighth-grade student at the Majucla Municipal School Center. Her death caused a national and international shock, as she was executed in her school uniform and thrown from a moving vehicle without life.

That was the reality of an educational center that was located in the Majucla neighborhood of Cuscatancingo, a place that was one of the operations centers of the Mara Salvatrucha.

It was no open secret that the gangs were the ones that controlled everything both in Majucla and adjacent neighborhoods such as Villa Mariona, Futuro, Villa Hermosa, among others. The students were immersed in this criminal environment.

Even at night it was not possible to circulate, because if you traveled with the vehicle and with the lights on it was synonymous with danger, since the gang’s rules were that when entering one of the aforementioned communities you had to do it with the lights off and the blinkers on. according to residents of the area.

However, this reality of anxiety began to change after the implementation of the Territorial Control Plan and deepened with the Exception Regime, which has left all those communities free of gangs.

Last Friday the school held its “El Salvador Blessed Earth Festival”, for the ninth consecutive year, where teachers, students and inhabitants participate in the promotion of culture and values, but this time with the novelty that there are no criminal structures that besiege to the students.

“We have been doing it for eight to nine years, at first it was difficult for us due to the insecurity that existed, due to the fact that we could not ask the Police to come because we got into trouble, not in this case, everything is calm and we do not have no problem in that regard,” said Miguel Flores, acting director of the school.

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Another teacher maintained that the gang members stalked the school to recruit students and force them to join the MS or collaborate; anyone who refused suffered reprisals from the terrorists.

“Look at us, the gang members, they killed several students because they refused to join the gang. Now we are living in a peaceful environment, we are not worried that they are going to come to extort and threaten the students”, another teacher stated.

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