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Malagò, the carrot and stick with Turin “He’s out of time for the Olympics, unless …”

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The president of Coni reiterates that he will only be Milan-Cortina, Piedmont “on the bench” ready if something goes wrong

CORTINA. Do you want to see that Turin and Piedmont could get back into the game for the 2026 Snow Games? Turin is “out of time” to re-enter the Olympic dossier, but it is good that it has made itself available to host some matches: it will come in handy if something unfortunately goes wrong, given the delays of the Milan-Cortina 2026 Games Agency.

Malagò’s “off the air”

This is the concept – not quoted, it must be immediately specified – that the president of Coni, Giovanni Malagò, introduced yesterday at the end of the private meeting, which lasted just under an hour, with the new mayor of Turin, Stefano Lo Russo, and with the councilor for Sport and Major Events Mimmo Carretta. Here is the point: the delays of the Infrastructure Agency which has the task of recovering the bobsleigh track in Cortina and building the ring road of the Ampezzo capital and the variant of Longarone. Today the statute of the Agency will finally be approved. President Malagò said he was very angry, in recent days, for the two years lost and yesterday the governor Luca Zaia admitted, from the microphones of radio Cortina, to share these concerns. Zaia will also be in Rome today to participate in a summit with the government. And there will also be the mayor of Cortina, Gianpietro Ghedina. Zaia and Ghedina will be able to understand if the accumulated delays could be fatal for certain projects.

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Turin, little hope

However, yesterday, in Turin, Malagò left little room for the hope of the Piedmontese. The mayor of Turin, Lo Russo, had previously stated that the Government would save 300 million by using the Piedmontese plants, in particular the Cesana bobsleigh track. “The savings are evident, but I am not aware of this amount”, Malagò himself replied; it is clear that, if we consider all the installations to be made – it is the summary – at that point we will play the Olympics again in Turin. “I very much appreciated the words of Mayor Lo Russo, who said” if there is a need we are there, and we are happy to be there “, explained Malagò after the meeting,” and we know very well what are the assets that Turin has available, thanks to the 2006 Olympics, and which must be built or fixed elsewhere. This willingness and willingness to re-enter the Olympic dossier cannot but interact with the considerations of public stakeholders, in particular local authorities. And this seems to me an important signal, a precise turning point, a desire to try to be there with respect to the choice of the past administration. However, we have a masterplan with which we have won “, continued the president of Coni,” and this masterplan, in order to be modified, must provide for unanimity to intervene on the part of the shareholders. I am a practical and concrete person “, concluded Malagò,” at this point we are honestly out of time. Then in life, especially in our country, there are factors that go beyond the temporal aspects “.


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