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Maleja Restrepo recalls his story with Tatán Mejía on The Island of the Famous

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A new edition of ‘Survivor’ started on Monday, January 23, after almost two decades without being on the air.

KienyKe.com spoke with the presenter Maleja Restrepo about Tatán Mejíathe man she met in The Island of the Famous: A Mayan Adventure (2007), without knowing at that moment that years later he would become her life partner and the father of her daughters.

In this way, the Valle del Cauca who was in this same reality 17 years ago, she spoke about how proud she was of her partner’s process in this program in which he went from being a competitor to the host of this new edition where a group of celebrities will face difficult tests to stay with a millionaire prize that is over 500 million pesos.

“It is very nice to see all this and to think that in 2007 we were together participating as a team and we did very well, nothing ever happened and in 2009, 2010 we met again and now see Sebas as a presenter and see that he does so well in his role as presenter is very excitingI thank life for allowing us to enjoy what we are experiencing in life”, mentioned the valluna, stressing that “it was always worth supporting as a family”.

Secondly, Tatán Mejía also referred to the sacrifices that as a family they had to make so that he could take on this new professional that he would try again without thinking twice:

“I met my wife in the worst conditions that a human being could go through and today I live with her and I live with herand it’s over, and that’s why I can teach my daughters to work as a team, to have not a wife but a partner, a friend, a partner to push forward, I can teach them thousands of things, I am a better person today because that experience taught me to value what I have at home, what I am and where I have arrived, every day is a step, it took me 17 years to get here, the goals are met, you must work for them, but they are met” , he concluded by saying.

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