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Man beat his wife and took the children hostage in San Alberto

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Man beat his wife and took the children hostage in San Alberto

In a clinic in the municipality of Aguachica, 20-year-old María Isabel Pérez Mejía, who in recent days was brutally attacked with a blunt object, by her sentimental partner, who also took hostages and threatened with a machete, is fighting for her life. his two children, aged 3 years and 15 months, to prevent the community from capturing him.

The facts were revealed through a video recorded by the community. The woman was seen lying in the patio of a farm, in the municipality of San Alberto, with her face disfigured and almost unconscious, while the attacker was locked inside the room of his house with his two children, since the population was outraged and asked that he hand over the minors for the damage he was doing to them.

The case was confirmed by the Aguachica Government Secretary, Martha Beetar, who stated that the young woman arrived at the municipality sent from San Alberto, in a serious state of health.

“The female was admitted on Friday, February 3 and remains in the Intensive Care Unit. She was beaten by her partner, a fact that we reject from the Municipal Administration, and for this reason we are providing the necessary support to save her life, even steps are being taken to transfer her to a more complex health center due to how serious she is. said the official.

The attacker named Ferney García Mercado, was captured by the National Police, and will be prosecuted for his alleged responsibility in this act. Meanwhile, the couple’s children remained under the protection of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare.

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A relative of the battered woman, who preferred not to be identified, stated that Ferney García’s violence was constant towards his wife, but this time the situation escalated and that is unforgivable. “We ask that the full weight of the law fall on him, if he is released he could look for the young woman again to do her more damage or even kill her,” she said.

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