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Man could be blinded due to delay in transfer order by Total Health

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Man could be blinded due to delay in transfer order by Total Health

A young woman from Valledupar is experiencing an unfortunate situation when she files a public complaint regarding the constant irregularities presented by the health system. According to what Milena Horcine stated, she has been waiting for more than seven days for a transfer order from the EPS Salud Total, located in the city, so that her father can receive emergency surgery.

The odyssey for the complainant would have begun after a work accident that her father had, where his left eye was affected. “My dad had an accident that affected his left eye; he pierced it with a wire on February 20. Since then we have been under the provision of services from our EPS Salud Total, from where he was referred on February 24 to the Simón Bolívar pediatric unit, because he required hospital care and ophthalmological examination, in addition to the supply of medications that Salud Total did not have. ”Horcine noted.

Adding that after an ophthalmological evaluation, the doctors decided to begin a transfer process to a fourth-level medical unit, specialties that, according to the doctors, are not available in the city.

We have been waiting for the transfer for more than 7 days and the EPS Salud Total does not give us a solution. My dad’s situation becomes burdensome as the days go by, to the point that he could lose his vision if he is not treated promptly.he explained.

According to the representative of the affected person, the situation would have been exposed to the National Superintendency of Health, likewise, they began legal processes through a protection action, which was responded to in favor of those affected, however, the medical entity would continue ignoring the situation.

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We presented a guardianship action which has already been answered and was granted in our favor, where the judge orders that the immediate transfer be made to the fourth level unit, but the transfer is not made effective. “The fundamental rights to life and health are being violated with this action,” stated Milena Horcine.

This medium attempted to establish communication with the referral area, where, according to what was stated by the complainant, they would be in charge of giving the direct order for the transfer. However, they responded through a telephone message, where they presented an email for the transfer to be carried out. request for the surgical process and the user can receive a response.


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