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Man murders four people in the Fontibón neighborhood

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Man murders four people in the Fontibón neighborhood

The authorities establish the identity and motives that led a man to murder three people and injure two more in an attack that occurred this Saturday morning in the Fontibón La Laguna neighborhood.

According to testimonies from the neighbors, the man who lived on the second floor of a house that rented out rooms, before noon went down to the first floor where the owner lived and shot her without saying a word. Later he went up to the terrace of the same and visibly desperate went down again, went out into the street and broke into the neighboring house where he shot a man and his two children.

Upon hearing the shooting, the residents of the sector called the Police who arrived a few minutes later and located the attacker who had once again taken refuge on the terrace of the house where he lived. After an exchange of shots he was discharged.

Initially, it is alleged a case of intolerance because the landlord demanded the man to pay the monthly fee.

News in development…

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