Home News Maneuver, “Funds for those who change sex”: the amendment by the senator of Forza Italia that leads to discussion

Maneuver, “Funds for those who change sex”: the amendment by the senator of Forza Italia that leads to discussion

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Establish a fund of 15 million “to support the transition path for the change of sex and for the sex change operation”. This is the proposal of Forza Italia senator Urania Papatheu, contained in an amendment to the maneuver. An initiative that has aroused controversy and bewilderment, starting with the blue party itself that is blatantly dissociating. First the vice president of the group in the Senate, Licia Ronzulli, then Maurizio Gasparri speak of “an absolutely personal initiative”, certainly not of Forza Italia.

The senator asks to establish “a fund with an initial endowment of 5 million euros for each of the years 2022, 2023 and 2024 at the Ministry of Health“. But after the halt of the Pro Vita association, his party stopped. Meanwhile, the dem secretary, Enrico Letta, in a video link to the Agora entitled ‘The rights of LGBTQI people + in the Italy we want’, held in Bologna, relaunches the battle of the Democratic Party in favor of civil rights, starting with the Zan law , sunk in the hall of Palazzo Madama.

«What happened in the Senate – observes Letta – is only one stage in a battle that I am sure will lead to positive results because Italian society is further ahead. It is a great European battle, in an EU that has advanced and shows us the way on many issues ». But always on the Zan bill, the clash between the League and the dem is rekindled. «Letta – attacks Andrea Ostellari, senator of the League and president of the justice commission at Palazzo Madama – has not yet understood that if the majority of the Senate has rejected the Zan bill it is mainly his fault. After having refused for months the confrontation proposed by Salvini and the center-right and above all ignoring the requests of the Holy See and of those who asked to modify that text, now he wants to raise the tone again ».

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