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Many places have notified the relaxation of the zero-clearing policy for nucleic acid-free certificates by plane and train? | Nucleic Acid Detection | Normalized Nucleic Acid Detection | Sealing Control

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Many places have notified the relaxation of the zero-clearing policy for nucleic acid-free certificates by plane and train? | Nucleic Acid Detection | Normalized Nucleic Acid Detection | Sealing Control

[The Epoch Times, November 2, 2022](The Epoch Times reporters Luo Ya and Cheng Jing interviewed and reported) Many places in the mainland recently issued notices saying that the nucleic acid certificates will no longer be checked by train and plane, and the verification will be changed to payment; at the same time, high-level executives Rumors that the meeting plans to relax the epidemic prevention policy sent mainland and Hong Kong stocks soaring. According to the analysis, there are various signs that some local governments seem to intend to relax the prevention and control, but most areas are still in a state of strict closure and control.

Notices from many places in mainland China: No longer check nucleic acid certificates by train or plane, check and pay instead

Lu media “First Financial” reported that since November, travel by train and plane has changed. In some areas, travel by high-speed rail and plane no longer requires a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.

For example, on November 1, Guangxi’s “East Guizhou Railway” and “North Guangxi Railway” issued a notice saying that the nucleic acid certificate will no longer be checked by train (except for entering Beijing). Guangdong Zhanjiang Tourism Bureau also issued a notice on the official WeChat platform saying, “From now on, taking the train to leave Zhan (except for entering Beijing) does not need to check the nucleic acid certificate!” Anhui Hefei Xinqiao Airport issued a notice saying that the nucleic acid test report will no longer be checked when leaving the port. .

Nucleic acid certificates are not required for travel by plane or train in many places in the mainland. (Web image)

Previously, at the press conference of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council of the Communist Party of China on September 8, a relevant CCP spokesperson said that from September 10 to October 31, passengers must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours to take the plane. , high-speed rail, trains, inter-provincial vehicles, etc.

Hu Ping, a Chinese political commentator, told The Epoch Times that it was originally predicted that after the 20th National Congress ofThe number may not change, but there will be major changes in specific practices.official9The month ends at the end of October,just give11Loose around the monthDynamic clearing lays the groundwork.

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In addition, many places have recently issued notices and announcements. From November, the normalized nucleic acid testing will be changed to a paid system, and the public can be tested according to their daily needs.

The Guizhou Provincial Health Commission’s WeChat public account released the latest nucleic acid testing requirements in Guiyang City on November 1, canceling the comprehensive free system, except for special personnel such as doctors.

Several counties in Sichuan Province issued notices announcing the resumption of normalized nucleic acid testing fees, with a single test of 16 yuan. Chengxian County, Gansu Province announced that from 0:00 am on October 31, the county will resume normalized nucleic acid testing charges, with a single test fee of 16 yuan; Yueyanglou District, Hunan Province issued a notice that normalized nucleic acid testing will begin on November 1, and mixed testing will be carried out per person. 4 yuan and so on.

The related news sparked heated discussions online. Some netizens said that this is the first step towards normalizing life; some netizens said that it is unreasonable to still be required to show a negative nucleic acid test certificate when entering and leaving some places, but to cooperate with the policy but have to pay at their own expense. Some netizens said that the local finances may not be able to sustain it.

Foxconn employees flee Zhengzhou’s epidemic prevention policy is relaxed?

Last weekend, a large number of workers at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou fled the “closed-loop” isolation system. The video of workers turning over the isolation wall and walking on the highway with luggage shocked the Internet.

Foxconn issued a notice on Tuesday (Nov. 1) saying that to “gradually resume orderly production”, those employees who worked “full-strength” in November, including those who forgo any vacation, could receive a bonus of more than 15,000 yuan. The typical monthly income of a worker is only more than 3,000 yuan.

According to Caixin.com, the Zhengzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters said on Tuesday that from 6:00 on the same day, the original control area will be lifted, the control strategy will be adjusted, and the normal production and living order will be restored in an orderly manner. Among them, the most concerned adjustment is that since the announcement of the notice, the “temporary control areas for spillover prevention” delimited by the development zones, districts and counties (cities) in Zhengzhou City have been lifted.

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A few days ago, on October 27, the Zhengzhou authorities stated that the current epidemic-related control areas in Zhengzhou were divided into three categories, namely “high and high risk areas”, “temporary closure and control areas”, and “anti-spill temporary control areas”. “.

On Tuesday, the official WeChat account of the Zhengzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission released the article “New Coronary Pneumonia (CCP Virus Pneumonia) is not terrible, preventable and curable, Zhengzhou authoritative experts will answer”, saying that the disease is a self-limiting disease.

Regarding the prevention and control adjustments made by the Zhengzhou authorities, local residents said on social media that the authorities were just showing off and loosening restrictions on the surface, but in fact it was just to avoid greater pressure and accusations.

Meanwhile, the term “performative unblocking” is widely popular on Weibo.

Zhengzhou has implemented strict restrictions since early October, with nucleic acid tests being conducted once a day, and residents have complained. A popular video on Weibo showed community managers fighting against residents (video here)。

In addition, on October 30, at the meeting of the leading group of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s response to the epidemic, one of the key tasks deployed in the near future was “precise control of the social aspect”, claiming that the management should be resolutely controlled and the release should be released in an orderly manner, etc. .

It is said that the epidemic prevention is relaxed, mainland and Hong Kong stocks soar, and more regions still have strict prevention and control

On Tuesday, the Central News Agency reported that a hot post on the Internet claimed that the CCP official held an expert group meeting on Monday (October 31) to discuss plans for comprehensive and conditional liberalization of epidemic prevention, and declared that the goal of “substantially liberalization” in March 2023. open”.

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Although the authenticity of this post is difficult to verify, mainland and Hong Kong stocks rose sharply on Tuesday (November 1). At the end of the session, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange rose 2.62% and 3.24%, respectively, closing at 2,969.2 points, up 75.72 points and 10,734.25 points, up 337.21 points.

However, there are many places in the mainland that have not loosened restrictions. Nationwide, cities in Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, and recently Guangdong, Heilongjiang, Wuhan, etc., have been blocked, and some cities in Xinjiang have been blocked for more than three months.

On October 27, 232 million Chinese were under some form of epidemic prevention restrictions, compared with 225 million a week earlier, according to Japan’s Nomura Bank. 31 Chinese cities are affected, and these cities account for 24.5% of GDP.

According to Hu Ping, localOfficials are in a dilemma, that is, they cannot keep the closure and control indefinitely, but they are very worried that if the relaxation of the closure and control leads to an outbreak, their black gauze cap will not be guaranteed, so they will take strict prevention and control measures.This requires a clearer attitude from the top, that is, it is decided to let go. Even if there are more epidemics, they must still insist on letting go, so that local officials dare to let go.

Former Chinese media personality Zhao Lanjianto The Epoch Times“It may be that there are some areas that will relax for now, but there may be areas that will tighten again.One of my inside information, because I am in the second generation group.They said it was next year3May be open during the month. “

He says,If companies like Foxconn are forced to withdraw, the impact and loss on the entire Chinese economy will be unpredictable.Therefore, the voice of foreign media may prompt BeijingChangedecision making,That is, everyone’s efforts may lead to changes in the situation in China.

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