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Marcon: synergy is needed to win the road safety battle

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Marcon: synergy is needed to win the road safety battle

Project “Write when you arrive”, the president of the Province presents the decalogue, a summary of our prevention education campaign: “Writing or talking about our driving mistakes in the family, at school, helps to create awareness”

TREVISO. For this year, with this episode, the twelfth, the campaign ends #writewhen you arrive, a road education path that involved organizations, institutions, families who have tried to give young people, but not only, advice on how to drive, in a period unfortunately characterized by many serious road accidents. Project leader, the Province of Treviso and its president Stefano Marcon.

Write when you arrive, Marcon: an important and effective prevention campaign

President Marcon what is the role of the Province in projects like this?

«Our will is to give citizens the most suitable tools for everyday life, in this case with road safety projects, involving the main players in the area. On April 5th we started, in collaboration with The Tribuna of Trevisocountryside #write when you arrive to raise awareness among citizens on the issue of safety and prevention of road accidents. A project born in the light of the long experience of the provincial body and dedicated in particular to high schools ».

How did the project materialize?

“The goal was to spread greater awareness among young people, so we joined and gave voice to the main realities in the field of road safety: after the start of the campaign with my appeal for safe driving, the following intervened: the Italian Motorcycle Federation, with Professor Biscaro, the driving instructor Cesaro, the Territorial School Office with the manager Sardella, the president Colladon di Mom, Dr. Manera and Dr. Bonifati of Ulss2, the Provincial Monitoring Center for monitoring accidents, the Centro della Famiglia, with the psychologist and psychotherapist Gallo, the Italian dance club union of the Treviso section with the vice-president Venerandi, Fipe and Confcommercio Provincial union of Treviso with the president Sartorato and the dealer division with the president Giorgio Sina, the prefect of Treviso Sidoti, Aci Treviso with the president Beni, the Treviso Civil Motorization with Eng. Matarazzo and the Association of Families and Victims of the Road, Treviso headquarters with the contact person Conte ».

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Thanks to the intervention of each individual expert, in each episode practical tools were provided to face the journey on the road in a safer way and so that, once you arrive at your destination, you can write: I have arrived, I’m fine, which can be summarized in a sort of decalogue, summarized as follows:


1. Always keep your guard up when driving a vehicle, be it a moped, car, scooter, bicycle or walking. Always stay focused on what you are doing.

2. The accident is sudden: it is important to maintain a visual focus and anticipate the risks hidden around the corner. Viewing the road with your eyes and mind greatly reduces the chance of accidents.

3. A second chance is never granted: it is also essential to put yourself in the shoes of the other drivers and act in advance on their possible mistakes, especially in precedence. Ready reflexes!

4. Respect for limits: exceeding the speed limit leads to an increase in braking distance, so in the event of an unforeseen event, the risk of not being able to stop in time increases exponentially.

5. Never drive if you have been drinking: the effects of substances such as alcohol cause a slowdown in reaction times, cloud lateral vision and the ability to evaluate unexpected situations.

6. Talking about road safety in the family is important. Discussing at home the precautions to be taken when on the road, as a driver but also as a passenger, allows you to acquire greater awareness, both in young people and in adults.

7. Inattention and distraction, especially caused by the use of digital devices, is the main cause of accidents. Maintaining full concentration means avoiding focusing on any information other than the road: no mobile phones when driving!

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8. Bravado when driving: Being confident in your skills as a driver can lead to recklessness, such as underestimating other vehicles and running at excessive speed. To prevent accidents, you need to respect the rules and follow common sense.

9. Road education at school: discussing in class the correct driving behavior and methods to prevent accidents allows not only to acquire knowledge, but also becomes an opportunity to encourage the exchange of opinions.

10. Synergy between institutions: public administrations, associations and businesses, together, can make a difference and significantly affect the reduction of accidents.

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