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María Cecilia Botero revealed why she abandoned acting and walked away from TV

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María Cecilia Botero revealed why she abandoned acting and walked away from TV

Colombian television has had great representatives over time. In fact, the talent of women has been highlighted in several generations in front of the screens with icons such as Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Teresa Gutiérrez, Amparo Grisales or María Cecilia Botero, who also knew how to exploit other of her talents.

Although she was in large productions, which are remembered by many to this day, such as La vorágine, Las hermanitas Calle or Dos Mujeres, she was also in charge of Día a Día from 2005 to 2009, being one of the most remembered hosts of the morning show. Likewise, for three years she was one of the judges of Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele.

Since 2021 he has not been in front of the cameras, considering that at that time he was part of the cast of Nurses. On the other hand, in the same year she provided her voice for the role of grandmother Alma Madrigal in Disney’s Encanto.

He recently looked back on his artistic career and made a summary of the 50 years in which he has worked in show business. “Yes, my dad was a theater lover and although at that time he did not work professionally in that, but rather as a company executive, he had theater groups. I accompanied him, but not because I wanted to be an actress. When I was 14, I accompanied him to Manizales to inaugurate the Fundadores Theater with a play directed by him. And the actress didn’t arrive and he asks me to help him and I don’t know how I managed it. That was the first time on a big stage. She was nervous, but I liked what I felt. The following year there was going to be a co-production with Mexico, a film about Jorge Isaacs’ book, María, and coincidentally my aunt Dora Cadavid’s husband would do the music. They invited my dad to a dinner with him and I told him: “Take me, I want to meet a film director.” And, at the end of the meal, the guy asks me if I want to work on the movie. I was only 15, but he convinced me. “Look, I have a good eye, you are going to be an actress and you are going to do well.” And I was not so wrong,” he began by telling Semana.

In fact, she added that she made the decision to be an actress when that was not taken seriously. Her mother resisted the idea. “My mother was very opposed, she thought it was not a decent profession. She thought that all of her children were going to go to university, have decent careers, and it occurred to me to be an actress. It was a big fight. She always told him: it doesn’t matter that I don’t have a university diploma, I’m going to do better than everyone else. And well, I didn’t do better than everyone, but I did better than many,” she continued saying.

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On the other hand, he revealed the reason for his temporary retirement from television, remembering the moment when he was offered the role in the Disney film. “In a country like ours, where the circle is so small and there are so few possibilities, you reach an age in which work decreases. They offered me characters without much grace. They asked me what is left to do. And I had done everything: news, magazines, talk shows, reality shows. I thought I wasn’t missing anything. And this appears: Alma. And I said: well, I was missing this, to give a voice to a cartoon, and if it is for Disney, what an honor,” he added.

Likewise, he concluded by talking about the economic situation. “Yes, the image that people have is that we make a lot of money. This is a very unstable job. You work on a series that makes you good money, for a few months, but then I can spend a year without work. The four-month thing should last 18″, she noted. With Infobae

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