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Marmolada, other human remains have been found: here are the men who challenge the glacier

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Marmolada, other human remains have been found: here are the men who challenge the glacier

CANAZEI – Land searches resumed in the area affected by the detachment of the Marmolada glacier, downstream of the flow, where about ten hikers were swept away by the avalanche on Sunday 3 July. At dawn, after a quick briefing, the helicopter took the operators up to inspect the lower part of the detachment where the safety conditions are greater and where ‘sentries’ and sirens would guarantee the possibility of escape in the event of new collapses. .

Rescuers found other human remains. Only the DNA, on which the Carabinieri of the Ris di Parma work, will be able to give answers on the latest finds recovered.

At work there are 14 rescuers with two dogs of the Guardia di Finanza who will go on for a few hours, then they will continue to inspect the area with drones, safer when the temperatures on the ice increase. Yesterday the operators managed to identify and recover the tenth victim of the avalanche.

The death toll is six identified victims: three Venetians (Filippo Bari, Paolo Dani and Tommaso Carollo), a woman from Trentino (Liliana Bertoldi) and two tourists from the Czech Republic (Pavel Dana and Martin Ouda) while five remain the people claimed: the spouses Davide Miotti and Erica Campagnaro, boyfriends Manuela Piran and Gianmarco Gallina, and 22-year-old Nicolò Zavatta; it is not excluded that they are among the bodies already recovered by the rescuers and that therefore only one missing person is missing.

Next week the Trento public prosecutor’s office, which has opened a file against unknown persons for culpable disaster relating to the Marmolada tragedy, will confer hydraulic, geological and glaciological technical advice. From the scientific reports, the investigators await an answer on the role played in detaching the stagnation of the mass of water present for days under the Marmolada glacier. Meanwhile, the prosecutor has acquired video images of the disaster and started listening to witnesses.

“Tomorrow the whole valley will be in mourning. There will be a minute of silence, the suspension of all work activities for a common moment of recollection and the mass of suffrage concelebrated by the archbishops of Trento and Vicenza”. The mayor of Canazei, Giovanni Bernard, says so. Throughout the day the municipalities of Canazei, Moena, San Giovanni di Fassa, Mazzin, Soraga and Campitello di Fassa will have flags at half mast.

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