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Marmolada, the bodies of three missing in the collapse were found with drones

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Marmolada, the bodies of three missing in the collapse were found with drones

CANAZEI – Four days after the tragedy on the Marmolada, again this morning, as happened yesterday, four drones are flying over the glacier and scan the scene of the disaster to search for the missing. Two drones from the Veneto mountain rescue and two more from the Trento fire brigade will sift through the area where the ice landslide overwhelmed the mountaineers who were climbing the normal route on Sunday. In addition to the drones, there are also two operators of the Guardia di Finanza in Glacier Hut.

Shortly after lunchtime, two more bodies were sighted and recovered. They are of two men who were on the list of missing persons and are added to the seven already ascertained of the Marmolada avalanche on Sunday 3 July. In addition to the two mountaineers who will have to be identified, the remains of a woman were also recovered by rescuers in the late morning, but it is not yet clear whether it is a victim already ascertained or to be searched in the list of missing persons.

If the machine does not see, there is the human eye

Meanwhile, the activities of transporting the technological material necessary for the “sight and hearing” intervention of a selected team of rescuers continue which, together with dog units, could return to the glacier on Thursday to do some research on the spot: the snow in the lower part of the normal route on which the landslide is ruined is melting. In fact, the dust and the gravel make it difficult to use drones that do not “see” clearly the remains and equipment scattered on the glacier, so we think about the intervention with selected operators, despite the risk of further collapses.

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The story

Marmolada, flying over the heart of the disaster. “Down there you risk your life but now let’s go back with the dogs”

by our correspondent Gianpaolo Visetti

A help from the rain: it will be able to clean the surface

A situation that is in any case being evaluated, since the intervention is considered very dangerous. Strong thunderstorms are expected between today and tomorrow and the hope of the rescuers is that the rain will somehow clean up the surface and allow a better view to the operators who may intervene.

The president of the Veneto Region: “Unforeseeable tragedy”

“We have the moral obligation to return the bodies to their families; it is the commitment that I and the President of the Province of Trento, Fugatti, have made and that we have asked the volunteers and the coordination table”. He said it Luca Zaia, governor of Veneto. “I met the family – he added -. You can breathe the air of a tragedy, of the anguish of those who no longer see their son, spouse, brother. This tragedy – he reiterated – is as exceptional as it is unpredictable”. Meanwhile, Fugatti on social media rejoices over “good news: Davide Carnielli, the young man from Trentino from Fornace who was among the missing on the Marmolada, is alive and is hospitalized in Treviso”. Carnielli, 29, was on the Marmolada on Sunday 3 July with his friends and was the last of his consortium. The other hikers had been rescued while the 29-year-old from Trentino had lost track. However, his backpack had been recovered from the scene of the accident. His parents recognized him from a photograph taken by the Treviso doctors.

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Collapse on the Marmolada, the video reconstruction of the tragedy

Mass for the victims on Saturday in Canazei

A mass of suffrage for the victims of the Marmolada. Monsignor will celebrate it on Saturday at 6 pm in Canazei Beniamino Pizziolbishop of Vicenza, and the archbishop of Trento Lauro Tisi. “I am close to all family members – said Pizziol – I think of those who experience the agony of never having seen a loved one return, on a day that was supposed to be one of rest, serenity and regeneration in nature and has instead turned into drama. I identify with the pain of those who remain and I pray for the dead, in the faith that their life continues in God and that one day it will be possible to find each other again “.

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