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Martín Elías, six years since that tragic Friday

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Martín Elías, six years since that tragic Friday

On April 14, 2017, after a concert in Coveñas, Sucre, Martín Elías Díaz said goodbye to the earthly world. The TXL truck in which he was traveling overturned on the road that connects San Onofre (Sucre) with Lorica (Córdoba).

That April 14 was a tragic Good Friday for the Diomedes Díaz dynasty. Martin’s death coincided with the Friday in which the Catholic Church commemorates the death of Jesus.

At only 26 years old, Martín Elías was already reaping successes and emerging as his father’s heir with hits such as ’10 reasons to love you’, ‘Al fin llegaste tú’, ‘Cancelada de mi vida’, among others.

The young singer left two children: Martín Elías Jr, the eldest, the product of his relationship with Caya Varón; and Paula Elena Diaz, the result of his love affair with Dayana Jaimes.

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