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Mascare of Puerto Rican family in Chicago – Telemundo Puerto Rico

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Mascare of Puerto Rican family in Chicago – Telemundo Puerto Rico

Romeoville Police Reveal Possible Motive for Massacre of Puerto Rican Family

ROMEOVILLE – The Romeoville Police in Illinois have disclosed the potential motive for the massacre of a Puerto Rican family on September 17. The victims, Alberto Rolón, Zoraida Bartolomei, and their two children, along with their three dogs, were tragically killed.

Authorities have identified the suspect as Nathaniel Huey Jr., who reportedly had an extramarital romantic relationship with one of the victims, Bartolomei. The police emphasized that the affair was known to both Bartolomei’s husband, Alberto Rolón, and Huey Jr.’s girlfriend, Ermalinda Palomo.

While the investigation is ongoing, evidence collected suggests that Palomo was aware of Huey Jr.’s intention to commit the murders and was involved in planning the crime, including driving the vehicle to the scene.

“Digital evidence shows the route of the vehicle used to commit the crime from Huey Jr. and Palomo’s home in Streamwood, Illinois, to the 500 block of Concord in Romeoville and back to Streamwood at the time the murders occurred. Huey Jr. exited and re-entered the vehicle involved on the passenger side, and Palomo was the driver of the vehicle,” Romeoville police explained in a statement.

The police stressed that there is no evidence of additional suspects in the crime, and they are awaiting the results of forensic evidence analysis. Telemundo Chicago reached out to relatives of the victims for comment but has not received a response.

On September 20, authorities attempted to conduct a traffic stop in Oklahoma, where the driver, later identified as the suspect in the crime, evaded officers, leading to a chase that ended in an accident. The car belonging to the suspect and his girlfriend caught fire, and Palomo was found in the passenger seat with multiple gunshot wounds. She was taken to a hospital where she later died. The man, who also had gunshot wounds, died at the scene.

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