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Massacre Mottarone, the director of the cable car: “No remorse, I did everything for the best”

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“I went over everything and I think about everything. I am convinced that I have done everything for the best, but I have to force myself, because I am very sorry for what happened.” These are the words Enrico Perocchio, operating director of the Mottarone cable car investigated for the accident that last 23 May caused fourteen deaths. At the end of the hearing of the probative incident, in which the investigating magistrate arranged for the work of the experts to begin on 3 August with an inspection at the point of the accident, Perocchio, answering the journalists’ questions, added that from the moment of phone call announcing the tragedy “my life has changed. My wife has seen me turn white.”

Mottarone, the 118 call to the carabinieri: “The cable car has fallen, what a mess”

“I have a clear conscience, now I try to make myself strong and to move forward – continued Perocchio – I have no remorse: I think I have done everything well, but we respect the work of the investigators. I repeat, as I said during the interrogations, that I do not I was aware of the use of forks. Point and that’s it. And in any case I exclude that the forks have stressed the rope, they have nothing to do with the break “added Perocchio leaving the congress hall of the Province of Verbano Cusio Ossola where it took place the hearing for the evidentiary incident.

Mottarone. Eitan’s family lawyer: “What happened is an almost impossible fact”

by Federica Cravero

During the hearing, the investigating judge of Verbania, Elena Ceriotti, entrusted the task to the expert board that will have to ascertain the causes of the cable car accident. The appointed experts will begin operations on August 3 with an inspection at the site of the accident and will have to reconstruct what happened, how it happened and why.

Mottarone, a maxi-cable car between Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta: the most ambitious hypothesis to replace the system of the tragedy

by Federica Cravero

“Everything is proceeding as it must proceed. Another important step has been taken, let’s go forward”: this is how the Prosecutor of the Republic of Verbania Olimpia Bossi. With regard to the question posed to the experts of the investigating magistrate Elena Criotti, the prosecutor explained “that it is very complex and at the same time very broad. We ask you to ascertain everything that may have contributed to causing the event with very detailed attention to both the state of the system, to the two characteristics, to the maintenance interventions. In addition, every component of the system will be examined to understand what may have determined the breaking or tearing and slipping of the rope “.


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