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Massacre of driving licenses in Treviso: 375 points away from driving licenses in a single night of checks

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Massacre of driving licenses in Treviso: 375 points away from driving licenses in a single night of checks

There are those who drive drunk, some without a seat belt, some in a car without insurance. The traffic police checks, in the night between Friday and yesterday, caused yet another massacre of driving licenses, about twenty withdrawn. Sweeping checks wanted by the prefecture to stop the massacres on the streets of the Marca: 60 dead in this 2022, the last Miriam Ciobanu. It is a real emergency: on Friday night, in Treviso alone, 71 fines on 101 motorists stopped. Not only alcohol and high speed are the biggest problems, but also indiscipline and failure to use safety systems, first of all not fastening seat belts while driving, mandatory even for those in the rear seats .

Out of 101 vehicles stopped during the night of checks, as many as 17 motorists tested positive for the alcohol test. Of these, 9 were reported for driving under the influence of alcohol: the test found a value greater than 0.8 g per liter. Another driver had taken drugs. 27 people were instead in the car without the seat belt. And precisely the failure to use the seat belt is one of the causes of injury, or worse death, in the event of an accident, especially for those sitting in the back. And again: 12 motorists drove with smartphones in hand, calling or even worse chatting, texting or watching social media.

In total, 71 penalties were raised and 375 points removed.

The vehicles were also subjected to checks: 6 were without inspection, 2 not insured. The administrative detention was therefore triggered, until they are put in order, in addition to the maximum penalties provided for. Six patrols were engaged for the checks: «The Treviso traffic police checks» let the police know «will continue in the next few days, especially on the roads with the highest risk of accidents and will also concern excessive speed and dangerous driving».

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The various police forces continue to carry out checkpoints to prevent accidents and safeguard the safety of pedestrians and bicycles, as per the directive issued by the prefecture.

On the last weekend of October, police, carabinieri and various local police controls registered 52 drunk drivers and 48 people without seat belts throughout the entire Marca. Friday only took one night in the city to collect 20 driving licenses and make over 70 fines.

And at dawn on Saturday, along the Noalese at Zero Branco, the drama came close, with a car that rolled over. Both Suem and firefighters intervened for the rescue. The driver went out on his own legs and refused to be transported to the hospital, he was just bruised. Luckily for him, his belt, airbag, and various safety systems had worked.

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