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Mattarella on Memorial Day: “Fighting every germ of racism”

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«The Day of Remembrance, which is celebrated today all over the world, does not only require us to remember the millions of deaths, grief and suffering of so many innocent victims, including many Italians. But it invites us to prevent and fight, today and in the future, every germ of racism, anti-Semitism, discrimination and intolerance. Starting from the school desks. Because knowledge, information and education play a fundamental role in promoting a just and supportive society. And, as recent episodes in the news attest, the guard must never be let down “. This was stated by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella in a message sent on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of Remembrance to the Ministry of Education. «And, as recent episodes of the news attest, never – continues the Head of State – the guard must be lowered. Auschwitz, with its gloomy fences, chimneys and gas chambers, has become the symbol of Nazi horror, of absolute evil. But it is, and must be, the constant witness of what misdeeds man is capable of when he abandons himself, betraying his own humanity, to sentiments, words and ideologies of hatred and death ».

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