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Mattarella on violence against women: ‘Bankruptcy of society’

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On the occasion of the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella also spoke, underlining how the dramatic figures that see a woman killed every 72 hours are the sign of the failure of the entire society.

«This Day requires us to confront ourselves, every year, with intolerable numbers that testify to a continuous, widespread and still inextricable violence against women. Our society is still pervaded, in different territories and in various contexts, by episodes of verbal, economic, physical violence, the result of the unacceptable idea that men can override women using force “, said the president.

Femicides increase, in 2021 one woman killed every 72 hours

From 1 January to 21 November of this year, 263 homicides were committed in Italy, with 109 women victims of which 93 were killed in the family / emotional environment; of these, 63 met death at the hands of their partner / former partner. “In many cases, violence against women overcomes the couple’s relationship and affects children first, but also other family members, friends and people who try to intervene to stem this crazy spiral. In all cases, violence against women is a failure of our society as a whole, which has failed, in the path of liberation undertaken by women in the last century, to accept a fully equal concept of couple relationships “, adds Mattarella.

The only way to try to stem these acts of violence lies in education: “To get out of this spiral it is necessary to educate: to educate to respect, to educate to equality, to educate to the idea that force can never constitute an instrument of dialogue . This education must already be disseminated in families and then in schools, from early childhood ».

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«It is essential that women who have suffered violence feel a world around them that welcomes and protects them, to allow them to come out of silence and free themselves from that fence where violence was born. Only with a society ready to support the victims will it be possible to defeat violence against women ”. For this reason, according to the President of the Republic, the activities carried out every day by the institutions, associations, volunteers and volunteers who try to build shelters to treat and prevent episodes of violence are important.

«The prevention of violence requires listening, interventions, support networks and in many cases tools to offer women an alternative for a free life. The dependence, often of an economic nature, in which many of them find themselves is an obstacle to the search for protection and to the reporting of violent episodes. There is still a long way to go, but we need to continue to work, individually and with collective action, because eliminating violence against women is an essential objective for our common life ”concludes Mattarella.

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