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Matteo Salvini and the drug case: media crap about Morisi

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«I do not comment on private and personal events. Nobody: neither opponents nor friends. The prosecutor itself basically says that there is no crime, so I don’t give moral judgments. But the fight against all kinds of drugs is my reason for living. I will never be in favor of drug use, liberalization, legalization, the distribution of any type of drug. And whoever uses it is wrong ». Matteo Salvini arrives at the former slaughterhouse, in Viale Molise in Milan, accompanied by the candidate for mayor Luca Bernardo and, after the inspection, answers the questions of the reporters, who instead last night in Niguarda had not been able to approach him, on the matter concerning “the goat expiatory »Luca Morisi, former social media manager of the Lega, creator of the“ Beast ”and, not least, a friend of Salvini. Who says he is sorry because “the mud scattered in these hours will be disposed of and then to apologize, I already know that there will be few of them: however, allow me to say that in a normal country, since you have investigations on the League and on me done by the dozen and ended up in nothing, I’m still waiting to know where Putin’s rubles are, Siri’s mafia friends, the mistakes of our parliamentarians. Everything has ended in nothing ».

Fedez attacks Salvini: “He called Cucchi a drug addict, now magically Morisi becomes a friend to help”

Just as Salvini hopes that Morisi’s story will end in nothingness: «If, as I hope, there will be no crime against an infamous person, I will wait – I fear in vain – for someone’s apology. I respect what the judges say. The prosecutor speaks of a banal fact, without there being other precedents and of a possible personal consumption, which I condemn and will always condemn. And if next week he comes out, as I am convinced, that Dr. Luca Morisi has not committed any crime, who will restore his dignity? If everyone attacks the League, it is because we are the only ones that we annoy a system that wants to bring Italy back. If Luca is wrong, will I be the first to ask him why? I have never allowed myself to comment on the events of Grillo’s son, of Conte’s relatives or of someone on the left, I stop, they are private events ». And he returns to reiterate his clear position against the use of drugs: “Whoever sells drugs is a criminal, whoever uses it is an idiot: the difference between a criminal and an idiot, according to the penal code, is evident”. And anyway, Salvini adds to the dose, in the afternoon, Morisi has nothing to do with the party, because he will respond to himself and to his conscience … ». Certainly, he observes “it is a free attack on the League 5 days after the vote”. Thus the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini talking about the investigation on his social guru, Luca Morisi, guest of “Today is another day” on Rai 1.

At that point a reporter asks him if “did he regret the intercom he made in the Pilastro district of Bologna?” and his answer is clear: “No, because they’ve arrested drug dealers. There were drug dealers there who were arrested. Let’s not go home. Let’s say that I was Minister of the Interior and I have some contact with the police ».

But the month of September was studded with difficulties for Salvini. Yesterday, the Minister for Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti told La Stampa that he did not appreciate the candidates for mayors of the Center-right in the administrative offices. In this regard, the secretary of the League replied this morning: «Giorgetti was misunderstood and then denied himself. He said he is campaigning for the center-right and our goal is to win. In Milan with Bernardo and in Rome with Michetti ». But the leader of the Carroccio is still confident: «I leave the vote to the Italians, whoever praises himself becomes cheated. I am having dozens of meetings a day in full squares, meeting thousands of people. There is no trace of Sala and Letta. We await the 3/4 vote with serenity. I have broad shoulders and I am not a conspirator but the fact that with unified goals and unified parties the only opponent is Salvini and the League tells me that we are on the right path ».

Finally, a passage on the Minister of the League Giancarlo Giorgetti who in the last few hours had expressed positive opinions on the candidate for mayor of Rome Carlo Calenda. «I don’t have much time to read the interviews, then I saw that Giorgetti denied it. In Rome, Michetti is a competent person and to start over, you have to do it from the suburbs and not from the salons of Calenda. Rome is Tor Bella Monaca, Rebibbia and Ostia. Rome is wonderful but it has been neglected in these years of Pd and 5 Stars ». In short, this is Matteo Salvini’s reply, replying to the interview with his minister who had “rejected” the choice of the center-right candidate for mayor in Rome, “promoting” the outsider Carlo Calenda.

The defense of Morisi

“The bottle with the liquid (on the contents of which the judicial authorities are carrying out the necessary investigations) did not belong to Luca Morisi, who – evidently – cannot have sold it to third parties”. This is what sources of the defense of Matteo Salvini’s former social media manager have leaked. Precisely for this reason, the same sources add, “there is full confidence in the work of the investigators and sharing of the words of the prosecutor of the Republic of Verona according to which it is a trivial fact as regards the judicial authority”.

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