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Maturity, students in the square in Genoa: “No to the second written test”

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A thousand students in the square today also in Genoa against the decision to return to the written maturity. The boys met in the gardens of Brignole and are walking through the center in a procession with banners saying “You are immature” and also “Education is not political”. The procession, which started from the gardens of Brignole, will arrive under the Prefecture where a meeting is scheduled. “We have not been convened as student committees for six months – accuses Francesco Devoti of the Medi Student Network – for six months it was said that the first test would be done at the most, then instead with this final blitz the ministry told us that we would also the second. After two years in which we have suffered both scholastically and psychologically the effects of the dad speak of a return to normal, but they have been two years that are not normal and we cannot return to normal on our skin “. The request to the ministry is that of “a return to the oral exam only”, but they are willing to give the green light to the written Italian: “Although even the first written test is a problem – explains Devoti – on that we can think of do a job because the theme is one of the activities that remain most present even in dad while the address subjects of the second tests, from translations to the classroom to the math or physics tests to the scientific, in dad have very often been suspended “.

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