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Mayor denounces “terror techniques of mafia organizations” after death and four shootings (Domestic)

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Surveillance images show three people fleeing from Jacques Franckplein after the shooting, our editors confirmed. “The federal judicial police are on site and are conducting the investigation,” says Mayor Spinette. Today a vehicle with Dutch license plates was found in Belgrade Street and there were bullet casings in that car, a police source said.

A shooting incident also took place at Zuidlaan around 1.30 am. “This night we received a call about gunshots on Zuidlaan in Brussels,” reports the Brussels police. “We immediately went to the scene and established a perimeter. There were no injuries and the investigation is ongoing.” Afterwards, a car with bullet holes was found nearby.

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“Mafia organizations”

This means that four shootings have occurred in the same neighborhood in less than three days. The mayor of Sint-Gillis is sounding the alarm about the violence between dealers in the streets of his municipality. “We are confronted with mafia organizations,” warns Jean Spinette during a radio broadcast on RTBF. “Drug capitalism”, that’s what it still sounds like.

“The dealers apparently feel untouchable. After yesterday’s incident, they almost immediately returned to the park to start dealing again. I asked the police to take action and someone was arrested last night, but the dealers returned afterwards. I once again appeal to tackle this problem seriously, with the entire chain of police and justice,” said Jean Spinette.

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A shooting also took place on Zuidlaan. — © amg

Terror techniques

The police do not simply stand by, but are powerless against criminals who resume their activities as soon as they are released again, Spinette notes. He talks about gangs “holding our neighborhoods hostage” and mercilessly fighting for a profitable market. Sometimes this is accompanied by “terror techniques”, such as on Tuesday when a weapon of war was shot into the air not far from the Halle Gate.

“We must dismantle the networks, this requires financial investigations and mapping of the money flows”

Jean Spinette

Mayor of Sint-Gillis

“We are not dealing with small dealers from whom the neighbor comes to buy his recreational drugs. A lot of money is involved. Seizures take place every week and high amounts are involved,” said the Socialist mayor. He is talking about a mafia that is trying to take over the working-class neighborhoods. The police regularly arrest dealers, “often undocumented or underage or both.” But those arrests appear to have little effect. “Sometimes they are locked up, sometimes not. They get released and it starts again.”

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The mayor therefore calls for tackling the problem higher up. “We must dismantle the networks,” it says. “This requires financial investigations and the financial flows must be mapped out.” The feeling of impunity must also be put to an end, Spinette continues. According to him, this requires sufficient judicial police, “a public prosecutor’s office that can prosecute quickly, a judicial system that makes decisions.” The problem is that these cases drag on for a long time,” with convictions taking place years after the arrest, he complains.

Preventive campaigns

His colleague from Sint-Joost-ten-Noode, Emir Kir, argued on Bel RTL for preventive campaigns to warn about the consequences of addictions. There is also a need for more regular border controls to stop the flow of illegal drugs.

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A shooting also took place in the same neighborhood on Tuesday around 2 p.m

A shooting also took place in the same neighborhood on Tuesday around 2 p.m. A weapon of war was shot into the air. The bullets fired did not injure anyone, but during their escape the perpetrators did run over a lady and collide with several vehicles. The 71-year-old victim has now left the hospital.


On Sunday evening there was another shooting about 400 meters away, in Lacaillestraat in the Brussels Marolles. Two people were injured and taken to hospital. “They are not in mortal danger,” the public prosecutor’s office said afterwards. The perpetrators of that shooting have not yet been caught.

Some witnesses reported hearing several shots and stated that the perpetrators fled on a scooter. An investigation was launched, including an analysis of neighborhood surveillance camera images and the appointment of a ballistics expert. “The investigation is actively continuing to clarify the correct context of the facts. In the interest of the investigation, the public prosecutor’s office will not provide any further comment on this case,” it said after the facts in Lacaillestraat.

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