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Mayor of Santa Marta responds to complaints from the elected mayor

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Through a statement, Virna Johnson affirms that there is transparency in her management and affirms that she is committed to legality in all administrative aspects.

In the midst of the tensions generated by the statements of the elected mayor Carlos Pinedo Cuello on the delays in the splicing process that have Santa Marta As the only capital that has not executed it, Mayor Virna Johnson has issued a response, which seeks to address point by point the concerns expressed by her successor.

In his statement, Johnson begins by mentioning the temporal discrepancy between the date of the Provincial Attorney’s Office letter, dated November 27, and the date of the document of the elected mayor and his complaint to the Attorney General’s Office, which are after this date. This aspect is presented by the representative as a detail to be taken into account in the context of the response.

Santa Marta remains the only capital of Colombia that has not carried out the splicing process, due to the delays of the current administration.

When will the splicing begin?

Likewise, the mayor questions the viability of the connection schedule proposed by the elected mayor, which started on December 1. In an attempt to find a practical solution, Johnson proposes a new date for the splicing committee coordination meeting, which has been set for December 11. This adjustment, according to the mayor, seeks to reconcile the agendas and ensure an efficient and respectful transition.

Regarding the guidelines for the transition of the government, the mayor attaches the decree that calls for accountability and public hearing, specifying the objectives of accountability, splicing and the management report.

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Johnson also reports that he has sent copies of his response to the Provincial Attorney’s Office and the Person’s Office, reaffirming his willingness to meet all the requirements formulated in the government transition process. Additionally, the mayor expresses her intention that the proposed meeting on December 11 clarify unspecified annexes and other details raised in the mayor-elect’s letter.

In conclusion, Virna Johnson’s response not only seeks to address the concerns raised by the mayor-elect, but also show commitment to transparency and legality in the splicing process.

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