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Mayor of Tuluá resumes office

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Mayor of Tuluá resumes office

Upon once again assuming the reins of the municipal administration of Tuluá, the mayor of this town, John Jairo Gómez Aguirre, met this Tuesday, January 24, with journalists and media directors from Tuluá to publicize the progress of important projects infrastructure, social impact and fight against crime in the city.

The local president, who has just satisfactorily overcome a health mishap, said that “I am happy for the second opportunity that God has given me, to put myself back in charge of the municipality after almost two months of being incapacitated, but now We return to tell Tuluá everything that is being done and what is going to be done in Tuluá in 2023”.

Gómez Aguirre said that in 2023 it will be ratified that this is a government of the people for the people and affirmed that “in each and every one of the issues that I committed to in the campaign we are finishing.”

He added that “I promised to recover the seven educational centers that were a monument to disorder and corruption and that is where I am handing it over” and indicated that this year it has already handed over the Crubén Cruz, Caldas and Céspedes, the Jovita, the Modern High School and the Horza, among others.

Likewise, the Industrial College remains to be delivered. “This year we delivered it in November or December and we have already started works and the demolition of everything that was poorly done.”

More steps

On the subject of pavements, he said that he committed to one hundred thousand meters and it will reach more than 180 thousand square meters.

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Regarding violence, he stressed that “we have been facing it as I promised to reduce the homicide rate, today the 2022 rate was lower than 2021, more than 2,090 arrests were made.”

Photo: Tuluá Mayor’s Office


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