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Mayoral election in Köngen: Former pastor becomes Schultes

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Mayoral election in Köngen: Former pastor becomes Schultes

Ronald Scholz, the new Köngener Schultes. Photo: /private

Ronald Scholz won the first round of the mayoral election in Köngen. The former pastor becomes Otto Ruppaner’s successor.

It wasn’t a sensation, but perhaps a surprise: in the first round of voting, the former Köngen pastor Ronald Scholz was able to win the absolute majority of votes in the mayoral election on Sunday, meaning that a runoff vote is no longer necessary on May 5th. The 44-year-old started the race as the favorite. However, it was not necessarily to be expected that he would get 68.7 percent from a total of eight candidates in the first round and achieve a start-to-finish victory.

Behind Scholz, Ciprian Hoffmann, who lives in Köngen and works as a technical planner at Mercedes Benz AG in Sindelfingen, came in second place with a respectable 17.7 percent of the valid votes cast. He was followed by the Unterensinger insurance salesman Michael Reichenecker (6.4 percent). Tim Stober was once again well behind (3.1 percent). Gabriel Ileri (1.5 percent), Anja Göttker (1.0 percent), Carlo Keinrad (0.5 percent) and Marcel Sersch (0.4 percent).

“I am of course happy about this election result, but I am very surprised that I was given such trust in the first round,” explained a beaming Ronald Scholz and thanked all voters.

The voter turnout in Köngen on Sunday was 57.6 percent, which was a significant increase compared to the mayoral election in April 2022 (32.4 percent). At that time, Otto Ruppaner, who is now mayor of Leinfelden-Echterdingen, was confirmed in his office with 93.8 percent, albeit without an opposing candidate.

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