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Mayor’s Office and taxi drivers reach agreement on peak and license plate in Santa Marta

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After two meetings between Mayor Carlos Pinedo Cuello, municipal officials and representatives of the Santa Marta taxi drivers union, a consensus was reached regarding the peak and license plate in the city.

These meetings, held last Friday, March 15, arose as a result of the union’s disagreement with Decree 273 of March 11, 2024, which revoked the measure.

In the first meeting, held in the white room of the District Mayor’s Office, the concerns of the taxi drivers’ union about the suspension of the bill and license plate were discussed. Despite the willingness of both parties to reach an agreement, it was not possible to unify criteria in this first meeting.

For this reason, a second meeting was held in the afternoon in the Asoprotaxis auditorium, chaired by the Secretary of Mobility, the Secretary of Government and the Secretary of Security. At this meeting, the following provisions were agreed:

A new peak and license plate scheme for private vehicles will be reestablished on April 5, 2024, coming into force on Monday, April 8, 2024. The illegality of technological platforms in private vehicles and informality in special service vans, chivas, will be combated. and other means of transportation. A decree will be issued that will establish the peak and license plate for public service vehicles with a maximum capacity of 5 passengers. The number of traffic agents will be increased and a minimum of 30 agents is established within a maximum period of 15 days. A new agreement will be negotiated with the Traffic Police and will remain in force during the government period. Supervision will be allowed in transit yards to verify the effective immobilization of vehicles caught carrying out illegal and informal transportation. Sufficient availability of cranes and other elements necessary for operation will be guaranteed. The maintenance of the road network and the creation of new roads will be carried out to alleviate congestion in the city, in addition to pedagogy activities in citizen culture. It will be agreed to hold bimonthly meetings between the Secretary of Mobility and the representatives of the taxi drivers union.

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The Secretary of Mobility, Fidel Castro, highlighted that this agreement has generated a solid union between the taxi drivers union and the district administration of Santa Marta.

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